All of us in the family are sport-minded. We have many activities to choose from, either biking, jogging, swimming, hiking or playing tennis. We like to stay active and fit. In view of the fact that we want to continue having a fit and healthy lifestyle, we make certain that we are secured when doing these activities, biking or jogging on the road in particular. We ride our bikes around the neighborhood even until the sun has set. This hobby has been our family's favorite since my son was still young. Though this wasn't that long ago, we didn't have any protective gear. We just got on our bikes and rode! Things today, however, have changed all that.

I hate to say it, but it is dangerous out there - cars whizzing by at break neck speed, and not being watchful enough. When in a car, practice defensive driving, that goes for biking and jogging as well. I prefer to do these activities on the back roads and hills, but they have their dangers, too. I firmly told all the family members to wear a protective head gear and when the activity is done particularly at dawn, dusk or evening, I insisted that they wear a reflective vest as well. Frequently, we keep away from the roads at night.

There are more precautionary measures you can take to ensure your safety on the road. Evidently the point is to avoid getting involved in road accidents. You want to be as visible as possible, so adding a headlight to your bike will help. To help you see that the driver of the approaching car is aware of your presence, putting lights on your helmet is useful. Bikes are required to have bells in many countries, so putting a horn is a useful scheme. If a car is coming, slow down in case you have to make a move to avoid being hit. Be careful of drivers emerging from parking lots, don't drive on pedestrian lanes, don't oppose traffic, at a stop light stay beside the car and not behind it so that other motorists can see you, look at your side mirrors before taking a turn, at all times look behind you first before you move, do not crisscross in traffic or parking lots, and never forget to use signals before turning. Definitely never ride at night without a headlight and a blinking taillight. Use a vest that reflects lights. Choose streets that are spacious, streets with slow traffic and side streets on weekends. Follow traffic regulations, always put your protective gear on and make sure the equipment is functioning properly, then you will be less likely to get into accidents.

A lot of safety tips in biking can be applied in jogging as well. Wear a gear with reflectors, take off your headphones (applicable to biking also), and be alert always of your environment. Sharing the road with traffic whether you are a jogger or biker also presents the hazard of respiratory problems due to the fumes from exhaust. A lot of carbon monoxide can get into your lungs quickly including dirt and debris. Yet, occasionally it's the only option people have.

Therefore the most excellent choice is to safeguard yourself as much as possible. One of the best tips is make certain that you stay visible on the road and the way to do that is wear a reflective vest, either orange or yellow in color.

Do you require a safety vest? At, you may pick from a whole lot of safety vests for your needs, whether it's for outdoor camping, backpacking, or even cycling.

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Do you require a safety vest? At, you may pick from a whole lot of safety vests for your needs, whether it's for outdoor camping, backpacking, or even cycling.