In the year, 2011, Jupiter is affecting Sagittarians, and that means optimism and good luck in all aspects of your life. ! Good things will come to you!

At work:

For Sagittarius, the professional issues will be clarified. Changes may come. It is a year of professional success. There will be great ability to work, and you will be more productive and effective.

Your business will surrender benefits, as well as reinvest will give you advantage. You are creative and have leadership qualities. You care for your subordinates and do not be too rough when you want to convey something to them. Your social skills will help you at work. You are ambitious up to a certain level.

In love:

Sagittarius, this year you have the stability you want. You have experienced moments of dissatisfaction and lack of enthusiasm, but now it is coming to an end. Luck is smiling at you. You'll feel energized and renewed. Conquer your partner with every detail. You will be rediscovering the deeper aspects of your relationship and rekindling passion. It’s a year of weddings and engagements for Sagittarians. Congratulations! Harmony with others and nice relations with the family will give you happy moments.

If you are a single and have a dilemma, now it will be easy to decide. You have positive and dynamic personality like fun; such trips are possible this year where you can experience wonderful adventures. It’s a promising year where you will be shaking the old complex and throwing yourself fully to enjoy life.


You need some peace and calm to think. Sometimes you have to stop to build momentum. The liver is one of your weaknesses. Watch your cholesterol and triglycerides, try not to abuse alcohol and watch your diet. Exercise is a good ally; it will burn calories and help you to tackle with stress. Luck is smiling at you!

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