Human resources are one of the greatest assets of any organisation. It’s significant to understand that all the processes and activities of a business be it a small local business or a multinational enterprise, need the administration of employees, even in a company where all the activities are automated, the role of employees in managing the machines can never be undermined. Taking these facts into consideration, it makes sense for the employers to offer value addition to their workers. However most usually and particularly when there are a number of employees it really turns out to be hard for the employers to provide each and every individual employee with a salary hike as it is very expensive for the firm. An amazing solution that can assist employers monetarily appreciate the hard work of their employees without having to pinch their pockets is Salary Packaging and novated lease administration services.

Salary Packaging and novated lease administration services are something that you have to look into if you own a company. There are some companies that specialise in salary packaging and novated lease administration; they are so well versed in what they do that they can provide salary packaging solutions that are personalized to meet the Human Resource policies of your business.

Salary Packaging is just a process by which extra value is added to the remunerations of your employees. With the assistance of this process, your workers will be able to get the utility of portions of their salary which otherwise has to be expended on tax. This naturally increases the take home salary of your employees without you having to shell out huge amounts of money. This is an excellent tax authority compliant tax benefit for employees.

Salary packaging is in fact a three way agreement between the employee, employer and the lender. In clear terms, the worker will be able to purchase certain items (such as motor vehicles and laptops) making use of pre-tax dollars. All that the employer needs to do is pay the Salary Packaging company from the employee's salary and provide salary less expenditures to the employee later. This agreement is typically known as the novated lease when the item being packaged is a motor vehicle. When you seek the services of the Salary packaging and novated lease administration experts all this can be done in an easy way. You will also be provided reports that are simple and easy to understand from the service providers.

When you take on this strategy, you can obtain a competitive benefit of attraction and retention of workers. You can also give a better representation of your company while also adding value to your employees' salary in a cost-efficient manner.
Simplygreen Salary Packaging provides an effective salary packaging solution for organisations that want to find ways of adding value to their employees'
remuneration and reducing the impact on the environment.

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