Are you new to the Salesforce and wondering which the best certification for you is initially?
Salesforce is one of the most powerful business technologies in the market. But to meet the demand for its implementation in the workplace around the world, there is a need to continue to have a steady stream of skilled, and qualified salesforce professionals. There are plenty of opportunities for new professionals, but it is not easy to learn the sales force.
Those who enter the salesforce ecosystem often face the same questions when planning a learning journey.
If you are, you may be a little confused about where to start. Passing the salesforce exam and getting certified is undoubtedly not all that you. Therefore, it would be best if you also found out where your best skills and temperament reside so that you can be more natural in pursuing your salesforce career.
So, to answer the initial question, "Which self-certification is best suited for beginners?” Let's first take a look at what opportunities that offer the sales force. There are some changes in the sales force exam that you should make the decision.
Various certificates of salesforce:
The salesforce has 7 certifications, most of which you can get one or more credentials. These certificates include the following roles:
Administrator: Managers should have extensive knowledge of the sales force and its applications. They should also manage the sales force and constantly search for features and capabilities for their customers.
APP BUILDERS: App Builders can design, build, and execute custom applications for the sales force using
Developers: Developers have the expertise, knowledge, and experience to create custom and programmatic applications using They can also do data modeling and develop complex business logic and interfaces at a more advanced level.
Implementation Specialist: Implementation experts should be able to design and deploy sales cloud solutions and service cloud solutions to meet the business's specific needs in a scalable manner and thus meet the long-term goals of their clients. And will accomplish success.
Marketers: Salesforce marketers need to master the best designs and methods for email marketing, especially when using the email applications of marketing salesforce cloud. It includes setting up and implementing an email application of the salesforce marketing cloud. In addition, skills and knowledge should acquire using Social Studio for post creation, conversation analysis, management, and reporting.
Pardot: With SalesForce Pardot credentials, you should be able to design, build and implement marketing workflows using the Pardot platform. You can use tools such as email marketing and lead generation. Must be able to them develop strategic marketing processes. Must do all of this to meet the needs of consumers and meet their long-term goals for success.
Architects (Architect Academy): When it comes to salesforce architects, an entire architectural academy design creates an ecosystem to develop and recognize skills in three primary levels. Professional Technical Architects, Domain Specialists, and Professional level Domain Architects.
These three levels include 9 domains that allow an individual to go deeper into each area based on their needs, skills, and expertise. Domains include:
1. Developmental life and deployment
2. Application of architecture
3. Apex and visual force
4. Sharing and visibility
5. Integration
6. Data architecture and management
7. Identification and Access management
8. Mobile strategy
9. Communities
What's better for you as a beginner?
As indicated in the introduction, the best certification for you will be based on what you are good at, your mood, and what you want to achieve in the future. However, some certifications are popular with most beginners.
The best place to start your career path is often the salesforce administrator. Whether you want to get more advanced and coding, you can then take two common paths.
Of course, if you decide to dive into coding, then you can go for the new developer certification, which is divided into two parts. Salesforce Platform Developer I and Salesforce Platform Developer II will need to learn salesforce the original coding.
How do I get started in the sales force?
Regardless of which salesforce certification and career path you will eventually take, there are salesforce skills that will serve you well in your day-to-day job role. You need to learn the basics of a platform before you can go one way or another, so it's a good idea to follow the SalesForce admin certification first.

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About 70% of professional admins are certified, according to an independent report by sales force. The salesforce administrator has an excellent job role in his or her job - every salesforce organization needs an administrator in some capacity. People with a vision for highly technical sales force roles often see the salesforce admin learning journey as a way to enter technology, and rightly so!