Having a sales funnel is extremely important in business. You need to know exactly how you take a cold prospect and convert them into a high paying client. This system of lead management allows you to focus on the sales lead generation strategies.

Prospects do not just turned up and pay you lots of money. You have to build trust with them first and let them get to know you.

That is why the successful business owners of today have adopted the practise of building a list of targeted leads.

To build a list is simple. You offer something for free that allows you prospect to get to know you and when they sample you freebie, it blows their mind. They see you as the answer to their prayers. In exchange for this freebie, they have to give you their contact details.

Your prospect will start to engage with you and ask you questions. And in sales, this is where the magic happens. You are getting qualified leads telling you exactly what they are looking for.

All you need to do is put the package together and make them an offer they cannot refuse as you already have their contact details.

And they might not buy from you first time. It doesn’t matter. As long as you keep sending them top quality content about your specific skills, and by this I mean, instantly useable tips, not ego massaging messages about how qualified you are.

You sales funnel will do the hard work for you as it can be a simple step by step process. This lead management approach gives you time as a business owner to focus on sales lead generation and do those activities that gets your name out their in the business world, attracting qualified leads.

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