When sales people learn to use proven sales techniques closing ratios improve. Knowing which questions to ask and when to ask them also improves those ratios. Sales people must also learn sales presentation skills. Sales are often lost because of poor sales presentations. Sales training tools are essential in building sales teams. There are four basic elements of effective training. Motivation; without motivation learning is not very effective training. Reinforcement; by following up training with reinforcement sales people are less likely to fall into old behavior. Retention; it is a proven fact that people forget new information within 30 days.

What is needed is a more systematic method of training. Skills; sales people don't need a hundred new things to learn. What they need are critical sales skills that they can retain. These necessary skills can be learned. This information can be taught through books, DVD's, and live seminars.

Sales training teaches sales people how to handle objections. By learning to ask open ended questions sales people learn how to assess a customers needs. By doing this their closing rate increases. Building a rapport with customers is paramount in building sales. Customers are more comfortable with people they feel they can trust. Objections can lead to sales, this is because an objection poses a problem with a possible solution. Presenting a solution to a problem often leads to a sale. Affective training will handle objections and develop long term sales skills that can lead to greater numbers. To accomplish your goals you must learn the best sales practices through proper training. You must learn the best sales practices others use to make themselves successful.

Sales are about building relationships and trust. Sales people should not spend a lot of time trying to make mini sales. Instead they should concentrate on building trust and discovering what the client's real needs are. By asking open ended questions sales people should may discover a problem that they can solve for the client.

When business is slow what used to take ten calls to get a customer may take twenty or thirty. What is needed is to get more commitments without lowering the price. Training needs to teach the sales force to listen to the client's needs. Next, present a feature that addresses that need. Keep your customers in the communication process by only showing the product features that are most important to the customer. It is difficult to sell customers on value if they are not the decision makers. Sales people try to justify bottom line sales because the person they were working with couldn't make a decision based on the value of the product or service. Training will teach questioning skills that will help build a rapport with the client. But just asking questions is not enough. When sales people use questions with a yes or no answer they give their customers a chance to say no. What sales people should do is ask questions that lead to specific answers.

Asking questions like " why did you decide on that" lead to an answer of why that decision was made. This allows the sales person to offer a similar or better solution. By continually building a relationship with the client a sales person will be able to get larger deals. Sales people talk too much and listen too little. Sales people won't meet their goals unless they have a well defined sales process where they can learn presentation skills. A great sales process should mirror the decision process.

A great sales training program will teach all the critical elements of sales, building relationships, affective questioning skills, and presentation skills.

Spearhead Training are a company who thrive on providing many individuals and groups with sales training so that they can gain the most and do their best in their job role.

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