Yup common problem – too many tasks, not enough time, what stays and what goes? A lot of our clients including myself have moments of feeling completely

If you’re in business for yourself then there is only ONE person to do it all – that can seem even more daunting! Here’s the short answer – discover what is most important first. To get started write everything down, we always tell our clients to journal – here’s why. When you are thinking the brain will interrupt one thought with another. You’ll start off thinking about what needs to be accomplished today then before you complete that thought you’ll be interrupted by the thought of filling the car up with gas then interrupted with did you pay that parking ticket.

When you journal you write complete sentences. Full thoughts are being realized. I call it dumping. You dump what is stressing you, what you need to do in business or personal it all gets dumped out! Believe me you’ll have a big list and you’ll find new inspiring thoughts are triggered in the process. Honestly, it’s a relief to get it all out, you’ll feel more in control and be able to take action.

Now you can prioritize, this will depend on your goals at the time. We work in 90 day increments and one year increments – short term and long term goals. If in the next 90 days you’re short on cash and need to bring sales in the door you will prioritize networking and gaining referrals much higher than writing your blog (note I said writing your blog not reading this one – keep reading!)

As you prioritize write a number next to your top goal, write that same number to other tasks on your list that connect to this goal. Now you’re grouping your tasks into easy steps to accomplish them.

Don’t forget our process of using A.D.D. to assist you – assess if you can automate, delegate or delete any of the tasks on your list.

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