Nowadays we have consumer oriented markets. Sales promotion techniques are a must for the survival of any business. As such, businesses rely on consumers. The customers are always right regarding what they want. How do you come to know what consumers need so that your product or service satisfies them fully? You only come to know their wants and needs if you conduct a marketing research.

On the other hand it is critical for you as an entrepreneur to inform consumers when, how and at what price your products are available in the market. How do you inform them? Advertisements reach consumers at their homes, working places and public places while sales promotion techniques inform, remind or stimulate the consumers at the point of purchase.

Nine Sales Promotion Techniques

1.) Sampling

In sampling you give free samples to consumers so as to create demand by increasing their interest towards your product. This is used in introducing a new product to consumers. It is used to give consumers a chance of comparing the product with other available substitutes in the market. However, it is expensive if you implement this type of sales promotion technique.

2.) Coupon

You supply the product along with coupons. A coupon is a certificate that reduces the price. And, it is effective when selling new products, increasing sales for an already established product, encouraging repeated sales and in switching the consumers from using competitor's brands to yours.

3.) Demonstration

This is where you educate the consumers on how to use your product. You use this sales promotion technique in attracting the attention of consumers. It is suitable where products are complex and technical in nature.

4.) Contest

You conduct a contest to attract new consumers or to introduce new products to consumers. You ask the consumers to state in few words why they prefer using your product. For the consumers to enter into the contest, they have to purchase your product and submit evidence that they used your product which is attached to the contest entry form.

Your business tests the consumer's skill and ideas about the usage of your product. The best consumer is awarded the prize. This creates a new demand and strengthens consumer's loyalty for your brand.

5.) Premium Offer

This is where you temporarily reduce the price so as to increase consumer's instincts. Premium Offer is of five types, namely;

A.) Direct premium.

B.) Reusable container.

C.) Free in mail premium.

D.) Self liquidating premium.

E.) Trading stamps.

6.) Price off offer.

You use this type of sales promotion to stimulate sales during a lamp slump season. You give a temporary discount to your consumers.

7.) Consumer Sweepstakes

Consumers submit their names so that you include them in the list of prize contestants. This is done by giving tickets to your consumers. At your own schedule you carry out draw lots and the best winner is awarded a prize.

8.) Buy Back Allowance

In buy back allowance sales promotion you give consumers rewards for the previous trade deals based on the quantity they had purchased.

9.) Free Trials

In free trials sales promotion you invite potential consumers to try your products without any payments hoping that they buy them. Through it, you create new demand for your product.

Go ahead and use these sales promotion techniques in your business to create new customers and maintain old customers, this way you maintain brand loyalty for your product.

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