27th July, Mumbai: The hit-and-run case of Salman is now a regular story; a celebrity who has earned name and overall intense fame from this controversial and dangerously negative case of hit-and-run. According to Oriya news, he has gone through the most intense, compelling, disturbing and conjuring case in his whole life. All of bollywood and Maharashtra has engaged themselves with the best of Salman Khan in his negative time. He has faced loads of consequences for his behavior as well as unmentioned things which he has done in his life.

But this Hit-and-run case has taken a toll on him; On Monday, this famous actor has filed a petition in Mumbai high court against the five-year sentence which he has awarded to him. The tenure starts from 30th July and the petition has been placed by his lawyer Amit Desai today on 27th July. Odia News is covering the latest report on the case of Salman Khan.

The attendance in the court: Oriya News Coverage

According to Oriya News, the actor was not present in the court. It was Alvira Agnihotri, his sister who appeared in court for the hearing. Salman Khan’s lawyer has sought adjournment till August 3rd for the next hearing. Salman Khan is not sure to be attending that hearing, but confirmed that the petition will kept active. Salman khan’s family is looking forward to support him in his petition; the actor is in news for both bad and good news. Odisha Samaya is keeping a note on the recent development related to this actor’s petition file.

The rejection of the recent development

According to Odia News, Justice A.R Joshi did not listen to the entreaty of Salman Khan and wants to hear it again on 30th July. There is a big tension which is going on in the air among the family members of Salman Khan. Salim and Salma Khan, his father and mother are supporting him here. There was a related development of this situation; the Supreme Court in Mumbai dismissed the petition of the wife of a constable in the hit-and-run case. The petition was to transfer the case of 2002 hit-and-run from Mumbai to Delhi. The record of Odia News says the petition was rejected. There was another petition in apex court for the cancellation of bail; it was also rejected by the court.

The conviction of the jail sentence

According to Odia News, Salman Khan was convicted in the session’s court on May 6, and sentenced to five years of rigorous imprisonment. There were various reasons included in this conviction; including culpable homicide but not ascending to murder. There were much commotion and mayhem which occurred all these years related to this case in Salman’s life. His acting career got a toll with this conviction and he received much popularity. Negative publicity is an also a publicity; this is something which is well understood by Salman Khan. This case has got him into unprecedented and explicit limelight.

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