Salt therapy is gaining massive popularity worldwide with artificial salt rooms being set up and in home salt therapy devices developed to help those suffering from a range of respiratory conditions.

Salt therapy originated in salt mines centuries ago, when it was observed that salt mine workers suffered almost no respiratory conditions and when they did, will have a rapid recovery.

Starting then, many salt mines in Eastern Europe became salt sanatoriums and people with all kind of respiratory conditions are travelling and spending hours in these salt mine sanatoriums.

In Poland, Russia, Estonia and Romania salt therapy is a registered part of the medical health systems.

In the 21st century, with the increase in pollution, asthma and COPD statistics are alarming and salt therapy is a worldwide magnet for those with breathing problems, desperate for a cure. Many artificial salt rooms have been opened bringing this therapy into cities, closer to sufferers.

Even more accessible, salt therapy devices for home use have been developed and the demand for these have been increasing constantly in the last few years.

Halosense Inc. in-home salt therapy products help people with a wide range of respiratory problems, including snoring, in the comfort of their own homes.

Halosense Inc. is a Canadian corporation and has been in the salt therapy business for 7 years. The founder, Livia Tiba, is an experienced natural health practitioner who invented the unique patent protected method of creating salt aerosol for home use.

Based on this method the ultrasonic Salinizer Saltair, has been developed which has proven highly effective in customer use worldwide. The cost effective Salinizer Saltair offers the long term treatment so necessary in chronic respiratory conditions.

It is recommended to be used during night sleep, offering 7-8 hours exposure daily. The device releases microscopic salt particles into the indoor air for free breathing. No mask on the face, no mouth piece, no inconvenience - just free breathing!

When Catie Bautista Pratt discovered the Saltair salinizer, she hoped she could help her two children with Cystic Fibrosis to breathe easy and better fight the disease.

“They sleep with it on each and every night and the difference is so amazing!”, she said.

“The kids and their dad all came down with a flu/viral infection in this last week, and both of my little one's with CF were over there flu/viral infection within 24 to 48 hours! That is COMPLETELY UNHEARD of in our household! Thank heavens for your sweet little powerful machine!!.”

Joe Owczarzak saw the healing effects of the in home salt therapy on his wife and himself.

"My wife has issues with her lungs and I suffer from allergies. Since using the unit for only a short time we have definitely began noticing better breathing... I have and will continue to recommend this all my friends and family", he said.

What the aerosol salt particles do is that absorb fluid from the respiratory mucosa, and so relieve the inflammation of the airways and eliminate excess mucus and congestion. Salt has also bactericide and immuno-modulating properties, and so helps in killing bacteria and strengthening the respiratory mucosa to allergens.

The therapy is also used to alleviate skin conditions like acne and eczema.

The World Health Organization estimates that hundreds of millions of people are suffering today from chronic respiratory diseases. Worldwide, over 300 million people suffer from asthma, over 210 million suffer from COPD and over 40% of people snore.

In North America alone over 34 million Americans and over 3 million Canadians suffer from asthma and 50 million Americans suffer from allergic rhinitis.

Being a natural therapy, offering great results and having such a huge market potential, no wonder why salt therapy is gaining massive popularity worldwide.
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Livia Tiba

Bio: Educated and motivated person, having a multicultural background with extensive knowledge about European natural health products and practices. Classical homeopath using Hahnemann advanced methods of homeopathy.

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