In a society where large clothing brands dominate the fashion industry, it’s not uncommon to see someone else wear the exact outfit you own. The more identical products are manufactured by popular stores, the more homogenous and less unique the fashion trends become. However, with Sama Sitara, that’s not the case. This trailblazing company provides shoppers with incredible items that are truly one-of-a-kind.

Sama Sitara was founded by Megha Khanna Heitmann, who was inspired by her dream of bringing the uniqueness of Indian clothing worldwide. After she moved to the US with her husband, she realized how much she missed the ambiance in her motherland. Unlike her new home, India was rich in color. Living there, she was always surrounded by ornate clothing, colorful fabrics, and intricate patterns. It seemed like every aspect of life was touched by this artistic beauty, including the clothing.

In India, many people wear soft, flowing, loose-fitting fabrics of various colors. Not only is the clothing comfortable, but it incorporates unique designs that you can’t easily find anywhere else. It was then that Megha came up with the idea to bring that magic to others. She decided to launch her own clothing brand, which many now know as Sama Sitara. The first part of the brand name, Sama, was inspired by the name of Megha’s child, Saumya. The other half, Sitara, is taken from the Sanskrit word for “morning star.”

So it’s no surprise that customers have stars in their eyes when they see Sama Sitara’s creations. Starting from the raw fabrics, Sama Sitara only uses the finest and richest in color. This is to ensure that the quality of the cloth won’t weigh down the complex patterns and instead complement them. All kaftans are guaranteed to be soft on the skin, lightweight, and exquisitely flowing, making them perfect as both comfortable loungewear and trendy casual clothing. Some of the colorful and unique kaftan designs by Sama Sitara are displayed on the company’s official Facebook and Instagram.

Sama Sitara has a team of talented Indian craftsmen and seamstresses. They follow designs they’ve created from scratch, instead of basing their work on templates. Only 10 kaftans are made with each pattern, so you will rarely ever find someone wearing the same design. Every kaftan under the brand’s name is meticulously hand-stitched, which is why it takes at least two to three days to finish a piece.

Sama Sitara is one of the top brands that infuses color, energy, and Indian flare into the fashion industry. It's been gaining a lot of attention for its beautifully crafted kaftans that are sure to turn heads.

In addition to kaftans, Sama Sitara is planning to expand its merchandise into dinnerware and décor in the coming years. For now, the brand continues to focus on bringing India’s colorful vibe worldwide through the clothes they make. As you can tell, not only does Megha’s business allow her to reminisce nostalgic memories about her home country, but make others feel it through her apparel brand.

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