Project Management:

Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools & technique to the project activities to meet the project requirement. Project management enables the organization to execute the projects effectively & efficiently.

PMBoK has released 6th edition in 2018 and all project management enthusiast are looking for pmp 6th edition questions and answers to clear pmp exam.

You can refer the links project management questions and answers and project manager scenario based interview questions and answers for some of the sample pmp exam questions 6th edition.

1.Which is the BEST definition of quality?

A. A product made of very expensive materials and cost more.

B. A product made with a lot of care by the team who built it

C. A product that satisfies the requirements of the people who pay for it

D. A product that passes all of its tests and no bugs found.

Answer : C
2. Which of the following is NOT an input to Perform Quality Control?

A. Deliverables

B. Work Performance Measurements

C. Quality Checklists

D. Validated Changes

Answer : D
3. You are the project manager for a railroad construction project. Your sponsor has asked you for a forecast

for the cost of project completion. The project has a total budget of $80,000 and CPI of.95. The project has spent

$25,000 of its budget so far. How much more money do you plan to spend on the project?

A. $59,210

B. $80,000

C. $84,210

D. $109,210

Answer : A
If you want to know about Project management process see below.
Project Management Process Groups:
The Processes are grouped together in to five process groups. The Logical grouping of project management processes to achieve specific project objectives are called Project Management Process Groups. Below are the five process groups:

Initiating Process group: The processes part of initiating process group are performed at the time of new project or new phase of existing project.

Planning Process group: The processes part of planning process groups helps in defining the plan for the project like defining scope, planning for schedule, cost, procurement, communications etc. This helps in defining the course for the project to achieve its objectives.

Executing Process group: The processes in executing process group is performed to complete the defined work as per plan to satisfy the project stakeholders.

Monitoring & Controlling Process group: As part of monitoring & controlling process group, the performance of project is tracked, monitored, reviewed & controlled. The variation from plan is derived & identify what changes are required to bring back the project on track.

Closing Process group: The processes part of closing process group are done at the time of closing the project to close the project formally.

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