Samsung's coming Galaxy Tab S8 tablet is set to be the iPad rival Android suckers are looking for, with its bruited launch date anticipated to be right around the corner. Still, it may have a lot in common with Apple's hand design.

We were impressed by the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7’s display, and rumors suggest we ’ll be a addict of them formerly again in the S8 models, seeing how they're anticipated to sport the same displays. The bruited Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra, still, may borrow a notorious Apple design point

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Stylish Samsung tablets in 2021
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Multiple leaks suggest the Galaxy Tab S8 will sport an 11- inch 120Hz TV display, while the Galaxy Tab S8 Plus will boast a12.4- inch 120Hz AMOLED panel. This is farther backed up by a recent post by notable leaker SnoopyTech, who states the Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra will have a14.6- inch display. While the bookmaker does n’t unmask the sap on specifics, GSMArena points out we can anticipate a 120Hz OLED panel.

Interestingly, leaker Evan Blass offered renders of how the S8 lineup will look. While the two lower models look analogous to their forerunners, the Ultra model has one striking design change a notch.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 may borrow Apple's hand notch design

Taking cues from the lately launched MacBook Pro 14, the notch is used to make room on the display for its front- facing cameras without limiting the size of the bezels. Apple is notorious for using a notch on its iPhone models (and now

MacBook models), so we ’re surprised to see Samsung following suit. We hope this does n’t get in the way of interacting with the tablet, seeing as the MacBook notch formerly caused a many issues when it launched.

Like the Galaxy Tab S7, we can also anticipate a point detector bedded into the display of all the S8 models. This time, still, we hope it works far more efficiently than the S7

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 is anticipated to arrive as soon as January 2022, alongside the Samsung Galaxy S22. While the South Korean mammoth has yet to officially advertise its lineup of coming- word tablets, we've a good idea of how important the tablets may be. The Galaxy Tab S8 is anticipated to boast

Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 processor, which is claimed to be the"most advanced 5G mobile platform." Only time will tell if Samsung's Galaxy Tab S8 can compete Apple's M1-powered ipad
Pro (2021).

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