Learn how to streamline your life and increase the efficiency of your business with the automate, delegate, delete (ADD) system – it’s simple and highly effective!

Adopting the ADD lifestyle means that you automate, delegate or delete tasks taking up time in your life. This system will reduce your stress thanks to improved time management and you’ll gain efficiencies that will boost your revenue.

To get started, monitor your activities for a week. Identify tasks that could be done by someone else or activities that are not directly contributing to the bottom line. For example:

• Answering email, confirming appointments, responding to general inquiries
• Taking telephone calls that could be handled by someone else
• Paying staff and vendors, or utilities, etc.
• Ongoing correspondence with customers and prospects

Step one – Automate

You may be surprised when you discover how many tasks can be automated. Here are some examples:

• Setup ongoing customer contact, such as customer satisfaction surveys and sales promotions, using automated systems
• Automate payroll and monthly accounting activities
• Automate return email responses and confirmation contact

Automating these items can create savings for your business that equal one payroll employee’s position, plus you will free up your time to focus on activities that generate revenue.

Step two – Delegate

Delegate tasks that do not need to be handled by you. Consider hiring a virtual assistant to handle administrative tasks. Some virtual assistant companies offer set rates for results, which is a great option to help you keep a handle on your budget.

Step three – Delete

The Pareto principle suggests that 80% of your results are coming from 20% of your actions. That means that 80% of the activities you are doing are not contributing to a tangible result. Here are some activities things that are time-consuming, but aren’t necessarily contributing to your bottom line:

• Unnecessary meetings or meetings without an agenda
• Irrelevant emails
• Ineffective advertising, such as mass marketing without a target market

Delete the tasks that are wasting time and pulling your attention away from your core revenue-generating activities.

When you apply the automate, delegate and delete system to your life you’ll reduce your frustrations, find it easier to meet deadlines and gain more free time – all while putting more cash in your pocket.

Author's Bio: 

Nancy Drew, founder of Drew and Associates International, is a real-world expert on dynamic sales with a passion for sharing her unique, proven methods for igniting business sales and success. Nancy's custom training programs, seminars and coaching help entrepreneurs around the globe grab hold of their business's full potential by giving them the tools for successful business setup as well as creating money and revenue generation. Contact her at Nancy@DrewAndAssociates.com. Or visit Drew and Associates