For some a pair of sandals is the most comfortable footwear. They wear it to the beach, to the office and even to parties! This is possible because of the sheer variety of sandals that are available today at the shoe store or online. You can find them in various hues and shades and in designs that are a pleasing to the eye. However, in order to wear sandals to occasions, you must make sure that it is appropriate and suitable for that particular occasion and your outfit.

Sandals also come in different materials and you can find a suitable one like leather for casual occasions. Although sandals are usually flat, you do have sandals with heels or platform heels. There are different styles of sandals such as kitten heel ones, platform sandals, peep-toe sandals as well as sling-back ones. The more typical flat sandals are great with shorts or jeans and t-shirt. With so many colors and designs to choose from, matching your sandals to your outfit should be very easy. Sandals are also perfect for the summer months or to go to the beach. You can find them in plastic so that they are washable and can be worn without a problem on the beach.

They are airy and give your feet plenty of breathing room. For the fashionista, there are the gladiator sandals. They are trendy and the interlocking multi-straps really give it a fashionable twist. Another version of the sandals is the platform sandals. These are a great alternative to stilettos and you feel you have more balanced support because of the raised platform heels. Even brides are opting to wear sandals for their wedding ceremony. With choices ranging from clear sandals, wedge sandals and satin sandals to name a few, the bride will have the perfect footwear.

There are also sandals that can be dyed so that the fabric of the sandals will be a perfect match to the wedding dress. For those who are thinking of a beach or garden wedding, what better footwear than a pair of bride sandals. They come with diamantes, rhinestone, straps and all sorts of embellishments. The sandals can show off your well-manicured toes for the entire world to see and admire. Some brides have sandals on stand-by such as wedge sandals or comfortable heeled sandals to slip into after the ceremony. During the summer months, lots of people wear sandals for their comfort. Sandals can be worn for casual shopping or visiting your friends. They are a great choice for casual outings or for barbecues.

Choose simple, straightforward, comfortable ones for casual occasions and have some dressy ones that you can wear with your less casual clothes. Some sandals are also great to wear with your work wear and make it easy to walk around in. In fact, doctors recommend wearing sandals more often than heeled shoes especially stilettos. Although stilettos are sexy and have an allure about them, constant walking in these stilettos can cause back pain as well as other symptoms. Sandals are a great alternative to them and everyone should have several pairs of different sandals in their collection. You will never tire of them and you will be glad you have them when you see how good they can look with your outfits.

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