In today’s most competitive world, it is the most mandatory aspect to be the best in whatever you do. It is essentially the survival of the fittest and same notion applies in the academic arena as well. While more and more students are appearing for the medical and engineering entrance examination, the competition to crack these tests has reached its edge. So in order to help students grade their won excellence and see their scoring capabilities, Sandip University has introduced mock tests for all the competitive exams like JEE, CET & NEET.
The mock tests are scheduled to be held on December 22, 2018 and the registrations will close by December 16, 2018 and have no registration fees at all. So if you are planning to prepare yourself well in advance register for our mock tests right away. It will boost your confidence and let you grade yourself. It is extremely significant for a student to analyze the weak areas and work upon it.
Sandip University is one of the leading and most recognized colleges for engineering courses in Maharashtra. So, if you are aspiring for IIT, the JEE Mains mock test will provide you the perfect experience of taking up a live test and let you score yourself as well.
If you are aspiring for medicine, the NEET2019 mock test and CET2019 mock tests will help you prepare better for the examinations.
The free mock test for JEE Mains 2019, CET & NEET are academically structured to provide the best possible exposure to the students and prepare them for the big day. With more and more students appearing for these examinations, the score grading has become the crucial part and the mandatory aspect for admissions

• Helps you analyze your time management skills
• Familiarizes you with the real examination pattern
• Boosts your confidence and with better preparation

• Computer based (CBT) & Paper-based (PBT) test patterns
• Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) pattern with 30 question in each segment
• MCQs type paper with 360 marks
• 3 hours
• 4 marks for a single correct answer
• Negative marking system applicable ( -1 for incorrect answers)
• Computer based (CBT) & Paper-based (PBT) test pattern
• Physics, Chemistry and Biology (PCB) pattern with total 180 questions
• MCQs type paper with 720 marks
• 3 hours
• 4 marks for a single correct answer
• Negative marking system applicable ( -1 for incorrect answers)
• Computer based (CBT) & Paper-based (PBT) test patterns
• Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology (PCMB) pattern with a total 100 questions
• MCQs type paper with 200 marks
• 2 hours
• No negative marking

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