Christmas tree covered with gifts, silver and white snowflake pieces, naive of Santa, Christmas music store coming out ... Christmas everywhere filled with the smell remind people that Christmas is coming. And chatted about the legendary Santa Claus, presumably this should be most interested in, or children. Recently, however, Canada's a 74 year-old retired physics teacher living in Iraq. La Kaier as if to break the custom. Because he completely lost for the children Santa Claus complex, which also made him mad obsession with Santa Claus on the collection of all the relevant items.

La Kaier the first one about Santa Claus peripheral products, he said it was inherited from an aunt, items are an early 20th century, Santa Claus paper sculptures. So much so that he thinks his paper sculptures awaken the body's "innocence", but also his growing complex of Santa Claus, which led to today has evolved into an obsession can not extricate themselves.

Recalling the 22 years since he constantly collecting all kinds of love Santa peripheral products, use his own words is associated with Santa Claus for any of the items, he could not restrain myself want to have the desire.So, whenever he walked down the street to see shops and wholesale markets or in markets, and also any other place, as long as the eyes and Santa Claus appear related items, whether tablecloths, cushions, blankets, photo albums, or even toilet seat cover. Whenever work beautifully both old and new, he will do whatever he acquired collection.

As of November 30's according to statistics related to its collections have been collected so that Santa Claus has reached 25,104, including the 2360 Santa Claus figurines, 2846 from 33 countries to send Christmas cards and postcards, with Christmas 1312 old patterns of napkins, and 241 pin or brooch Santa Claus image. This has also allowed him in 2009, officially entered the "Guinness Book of World Records," broke "a woman in Texas to create the 1039 collection of 30 years of record", becoming the largest number of Santa Claus around the world the product.

At present, the La Kaier most want to do one thing is that one day all of his collection, category, subdivided into a private museum in Santa Claus theme. Well hope the old man live to realize his dream of this.

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