Fun Santa Activities for the Preschool Classroom

Christmas is a very fun and creative time of the year for a primary grade teacher. The excitement seen in the eyes of your preschool children will be well worth the completion of these Santa preschool activities.

Christmas Count Down
Give each child a picture of Santa's face with the numbers 1 through 25 written in squares on his beard. The students can color the face and hat but leave the beard blank. Each day of December, give the students a cotton ball to glue to the corresponding day's number. Use the project to count down the days until Christmas.

Santa Shapes
Give the children a large skin tone circle (head), smaller black and white circles (eyes), smaller pink circles (cheeks), a small red circle (nose), a large red triangle (hat), and a large white triangle (beard). Have the students glue the shapes together to create Santa.

Santa Handprint
Paint the child's top palm area flesh colored (Santa's face). Paint the fingers white (beard), and paint the thumb area at the bottom of the palm red (hat). Press the hand onto a piece of paper. Use a finger to add a ball to the top of Santa's hat.

Drop Santa's Hat
This game activity is somewhat similar to Duck, Duck, Goose. The children all stand in a circle. The child that is it, holds Santa's hat. The child drops the hat at someone's feet. The person picks up the hat and chases "it" around to get back to the spot.

What's in Santa's Bag?
You will need a red Santa bag and a variety of toys. Show the children the toys. Pick a child to play Santa. Remove the toys and have Santa place one toy in the bag. Ask the children to guess which bag was placed in the bag. Clues may be given.

Finger Print Santa
Dip a finger into flesh colored paint and press onto paper for face. Press finger into white and press at bottom of face for beard. Do the same with red at the top of face for hat. Use a sharpie to add eyes and a nose to the face.

Santa Hat
Cut out a large red triangle. Have children glue cotton balls across the bottom and one at the very top.

Letters to Santa
Help young children create letters to Santa by giving them a paper with "Dear Santa" printed on it. Give the children pictures from toy magazines and other children's magazines. Let the children glue their list onto to the paper.

Santa Glove
Use a white glove turned fingers down. The fingers are the beard. Glue a red hat to the top. Glue on eyes and a nose to the middle of the glove.

Santa Baby Food Jar
Glue a red cone to the top of a baby food jar. Let the children glue cotton ball around the bottom and outer edges of the jar. Glue eyes and a nose in the middle.

The excitement that preschool children get from creating and completing Santa projects in the classroom can last for several weeks before Christmas. Begin your activities right after Thanksgiving!

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