Unlock a broader portfolio of ERP capabilities and partner with SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution.

Can there be one power and performance-packed ERP solution?

  • One that is affordable and at the same time flexible?
  • One that offers 360-degree business visibility?
  • One that allows any time, anywhere data accessibility?
  • Or that unifies all core functions in an end-to-end business suite?

Well, now there is a single ERP that can do all of the above and much more!

The SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution (QPPS) is indeed power-packed!


An Intelligent, Next-Generation ERP That Accommodates Your Needs of Today and Goals of Tomorrow

Fast-growing companies are experiencing challenges such as synchronized supply and demand, capacity management, production control, planned warehousing, GST & statutory tax compliances. There is a need for a solution that offers transparency, predictability and ensures better customer engagement from the beginning of the sales cycle. SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution (QPPS) is the perfect ERP as it provides a flexible, scalable and adaptable solution.

Harnesses the power of industry best practices and automate core processes. Drive efficiencies throughout your enterprise with a centralized data management system. SAP QPPS covers all business functions, from financial & management accounting, supplier relationship management, customer relationship management, order-to-cash (stock), HR management and more.

Deployed on a pre-defined scope, SAP QPPS uses pre-configuration to help you move quickly within a limited budget. It also allows your businesses to adapt to changes quickly and keep moving forward. The packages solution has a unique and highly targeted value proposition based on rapid time to value.

Unlock the power of cloud analytics to provide real-time insights into your company. Prepare for the future of data and business management.


Uneecops Qualified Power-Packed Solution For Fast-Growing Businesses

Uneecops Business Solutions (UBS) helps its customer businesses to achieve digital transformation and automation. As India’s #1 Platinum SAP partner, the company leverages technology and flexible business models to enable innovation across each customer’s enterprise. We integrate specialized implementation and consulting capabilities to provide end-to-end business intelligence services. We offer Uneecops Qualified power-packed solution that addresses the specific business needs of fast-growing companies. Our QPPS offering has the following unique capabilities:

  • Fixed price, fixed scope
  • Easy e-commerce integration, barcode integration, GST filing integration, e-way bills and bank integration
  • Minimal audit and compliance time 
  • Enhanced traceability abilities
  • Rapid Implementation - 6 weeks + 4 weeks of go-live support

Get ready to give your organization the ability to operate with greater agility, make profitable decisions and accelerate a future-proof journey to the digital world.

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