For better or worse Sarah Palin has hit the American political scene and has proven to be more an entrepreneur than a serious political figure. Palin's ability to 'leverage' the use of the media for her own personal branding demonstrates to online entrepreneurs the importance of using every available means to help create a strong brand awareness. This is especially important when working online because of the vast expanse and overall size of the internet community.

Let's have a look at how Palin's personal branding efforts serve as a lesson to online entrepreneurs the importance of creating and maintaining an awareness within the community.

Leverage Current Strategies

Using her position as governor Sarah was able to gain the attention of party leaders who then nominated her as a VP candidate. People being curious as they are were very interested in who this 'spunky and folksy' person was. This interest grew as she displayed a knack for delivering her scripted and spirited comebacks. At this point she came to realize this interest and took additional measures to capitalize on it.

In this way online entrepreneurs too have existing platforms or 'vehicles' with which they can leverage into creating and establishing brand awareness. Websites, blogs, forums, free reports and articles are all already being used within most marketing strategies. Well these also serve as terrific ways to increase exposure and impress upon people a certain image or brand as well

Create New Strategies

From authoring a book to taking a position on a nationally syndicated network or becoming prominent on Facebook, Sarah pounced on the opportunity to 'prolong' and expand her exposure. The results have kept her in the public eye while also benefiting her financially with multiple streams of income as well.

Here too, for those working online, there are always new ways to increase and prolong your own exposure. By compiling 'related' articles you have already written, you can create a free report that can be circulated or placed on a squeeze page with a link back to your business contained within. As a member of any social site a more focused effort to promote your business will help people to more readily recognize your brand. Of course the additional traffic will not hurt either! These same efforts can be duplicated on a blog. What you don't have one? It is never too late to get started blogging and lord knows it is easy enough to do!

The Purpose of It All

By creating a brand awareness you are able to now 'leverage' the recognition you have gained and use it for influence and/or income. Just as Sarah has positioned herself by building a stronger brand awareness to do with it whatever she may, so can any online entrepreneurs. The opportunities are out there it is simply a matter of recognizing them and acting upon them. Like her or not Sarah has shown a talent for doing just that and so can you. In the end it boils down to increasing your marketing effectiveness and when working online this means your income as well!

As a major political figure Sarah Palin has proven more adroit with displaying very definite entrepreneurial skills when it comes to personal branding. For this online entrepreneurs can take a lesson as to the importance and effectiveness of creating and maintaining a brand awareness. As Palin's efforts have proven, and as discussed above, her ability to leverage certain 'vehicles' to boost her own awareness have resulted in a tidy profit for her. This lesson clearly demonstrates that when working online there is both a need and purpose for establishing a brand. Not only will it boost your marketing efforts but also your income as well! Thank you Sarah for the lessons we have learned!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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