The bellow are the highlights of the interview with interview with Insights Success a business solutions magazine.

What if I told you that this will feel like a ‘meeting Morpheus’ moment for the mortgage brokering business?

More oomph than you expected right out of the gate? Or, are you smiling inside because the opening signals that this story may deliver a dash of levity in a place you didn’t expect to see any?

Fingers crossed that it’s the latter. Because that means that you already know a secret which puts you ahead of most business people. That secret?

The reason why you feel that way is likely this: Your playbook is amplifying the challenging parts of mortgage brokering, rather than minimizing them.

You see, being an indie mortgage broker is not intrinsically bad. It’s actually the opposite, as it can be meaningful, joyful, and even magical! That’s why you felt so good about it at first.

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