Essay writing is an essential section for a SAT course, as it is the first and foremost part of it. The essay is of great worth in a SAT’s course. Out of 800 points an essay is of 240 points. The essay topics are assigned to students, allowing a vast perspective to adapt any of their choice
Now, here we are concluding some helpful steps that will surely help you to write you SAT essay comprehensively.
• If, you are writing on a topic of your choice then it is better to write on your personal experiences. Using index card to mesmerise the events or happenings and what you have learned from them can turn your essay an outstanding one. This will leave a lot of substance to be shared in your SAT essay
• A SAT’s essay is of 500 words that is, 51 line spaces are given to write your essay on it. Do remember that this is not a discussion or a debate; it is simply an essay that should be started with thesis statement or essay subject which is required to be well supported by giving examples.
• Remember, opinions can neither be right nor wrong; the thing which matters are; organisation and clearly stated factual experience.
• The SAT essay should follow the standard format of UK essay that is, an introduction, body and a conclusion. Each argument should be stated in a separate paragraph starting from the strongest one.
• Curding a rough outline would help you maintaining the continuity of thoughts and organizing them accordingly. It will help you to be on track.
• Proofread and recheck your essay for obvious mistakes, run-on sentences and double sentences, make amendments where necessary
• A neatly done paper will create an impression of having an organised personality so; do write neatly that can be easily read.
Do not follow any sample paper pattern available at any essay buying services providers until you are sure of their authenticity. A SAT essay is always custom written. One can take help from expert essay writer’s blog too. A SAT essay can add a great opportunity that you have dreamed of before so, be careful!.

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