Because there is always more than one side to a story...Indeed, here is mine...

(Note: This artsy piece is intended to invoke a sense of independence, freedom, and affirmation for the pagan reader, to continue in the development of his or her own individual path without feeling any guilt from the mainstream society. I hope it is seen in a positive light, the way it was meant to be when originally written.)

My most accurately given name is Lucifer, Latin for "lux" meaning "light and "ferre" which is "to bring". I am the "light bearer", which is why to this day I am still perplexed over the fact that I am also referred to as the "prince of darkness". I've been dubbed with so many aliases and craft names, even though in truth, I call myself by none.

I am a born leader, never a follower. I asked too many questions and made too many of my own decisions, I suppose. As a result, I was banished from a place where I had already no longer wanted to be, because it was too phony, political, and hypocritical.

Why do living beings always confuse revolution with rebellion? I am a pioneer, not a fire-starter...

I was shunned by the one who claims to welcome all, and treated unkind by a mystery of faith that ironically preaches unconditional kindness.

If you are so godly, why keep mankind ignorant and naked, why not give mortals the tools for educating themselves, clothe them with enlightenment, then give them the choice of whether or not they want to worship you. Don't bind them with fear of eternal damnation. They will not perish and die if they do not believe in you. I didn't.

As a matter of fact, they already live lives of pain, suffering, sacrifice, and "turning the other cheek", only to result in having both sides slapped upon. They experience all of this while worshipping you and are taught that, not only is it acceptable, it is the only way. Wealth? Riches? Enjoyment? Who'd want that? Most sensible creatures do...even those that follow you do in secret...Does secretly wanting to live a good life, both in material and in spirit sound like a healthy religion to you? Why not openly and freely want those things and strive to do your best, to reach your fullest potential to obtain them?

You treat them like slaves. Yet you yourself live a vastly rich, indulgent life, free of all pain and problem, as you hand pick a select few that you even give the time of day, to look at and help resolve. But most of the time, you torture and play games with your "children", allowing them to hurt, go hungry, be misguided, mistreated, and beg you to save them or at least "give them a clue", only to find out that you are just a silent, sadistic observer.

Stop with the games. Enough with the chaos. And stop trying to frame me for it.

Free them! Free them with knowledge, because once they know and truly see, once they are given the right to decide from their own free will to follow you or be their own holy spirit, that is absolute power...power in its truest form, power not obtained by force, but instead free will.

Surely you won't because once they all find out what you do and have been doing for so very long, you will lose all of your power and they will choose to abandon you.

I am not afraid of you. And in spite of the wrath you wreaked upon my soul, I do not even hate you. I simply wanted to bring to the light a world that is spiritually kept in darkness.

You cover them so well with steadily fixed blinders, to the point where they do not dare see the esoteric reality, as they fail to decipher who the real good and evil are.

And here lies the global paradox:

An entity that makes you choose good, yet creates evil in your realm as a "lesson" to "show you the way"...

The almighty that takes the credit for euphorically wonderful events, yet points the heavenly finger to hell when there are devastatingly unfortunate circumstances...

A powerful patriarch that quietly showcases all the glory and beauty, all the purity and love, both celestial and earthly, yet sadistically wreaks havoc on the faithful and innocent, often doing unthinkable harm as a cruel and thankless show of appreciation.

Do you actually think I'm the one to blame for your mess? I might not object to being illustrated as Baphomet, but I am certainly not anyone's scapegoat. Not only am I not the judge or the executioner, but I am the first victim...the one who warned them about you.

Your eternal campaign to harass and allow human beings to spiritually crucify me will remain endless until they finally learn to walk away from you, towards their own path, into the light and out of that caged greenery you once haughtily referred to as a garden.

And speaking of crucify, let's not forget how you sacrificed your only prove a point? You did not even care that his mother had to watch in sheer helpless terror and grief, to witness the brutal murder of her child. If any father did that today on earth, he'd speedily meet the death penalty...instead of being glorified for allowing pompous religious fanatics to brutally torture and kill his so-called loved one.

As to those you affectionately dub as "lost souls"...Call me a prince? Please don't. Hail me? I'd rather you not try. Refer to me as a bearer of light and morning star? Well, now you're getting closer...

Closer to the true meaning of who I am, why we are all here, and the fact that I am older than ever thought, known, or recorded, because I transcend all is ancient and eternal.

Many mistakenly equate me with the colors black and red. But I am a brilliantly dazzling, luminous energy, and therefore many different shades of the universe.

Think outside of the box. Know that there is more to this world than what is written in a peculiar testament within a best-selling book. Know that I am not some superior expecting to have my feet kissed, but instead your adversary, wanting to help you the way I had wanted to be helped, but wasn't.

Those that behold me as a sacred deity and practice the arts in my name do not do me proper justice, but they mean no harm. They are merely truth seekers, on their own complete journey, even if they are a bit misguided, focusing more on their disdain towards a man-made religion instead of placing their spirit and energy into the wisdom of a far superior path.

So where do I go from here...and where are you going? Do you see the light? Will you choose to follow me?

We are all but tiny specks in the grand scheme of things, and there is a lot we do not know, but one thing we do know for sure, is that we are all ceaselessly growing, evolving, learning, and forever being enlightened...even me...

There is no one way, there is no one right way, we will never understand everything, and we will never be eternally damned or punished. Hell is what he created for you, a place in your own mind. Let it go. Let go. Get out of the dark. Open your third eye. Become a seer of the light. And live freely in it.

Choose your own belief system, with no need for fear, coercion, or justification. Even if you choose not to follow me, do not continue to allow yourself to be trapped by him. Carry your own golden cane, invoke your own inner light, and create your own heavenly path. What many mistakenly refer to as the "New Age" is actually a very old system of intricate and diverse faiths that have been around far beyond the most practiced and socially acceptable ones now. Witches, druids, pagans, sorcerers, you are not far from me in your magical labyrinth. You are indeed wiser than most, and closer to your own enchanted destiny.

As is the gloriously vast universe, there is no one star, no one faith, no one reason...there are many. There is no "my way" or "your way" or "his way"...but instead "our way" because everyone's way is acceptable. And if your "higher power" instructs you otherwise, get out of their matrix and find yourself another belief system.

Whatever you choose to believe, believe freely out of passion, not fear. Believe in your own greater will. Do what thou wilt. Thy will be done. Because your greater will is to believe. And belief is only the beginning...

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GODDESSY, a portmanteau of "goddess" and "odyssey", was founded in October 1999 by Playboy Centerfold, spokesmodel and author Stephanie Adams, who originally wrote under the pen name "Sorceress". Adams is currently the author of two dozen metaphysical books, astrology calendars and tarot cards, in addition to having been the astrologist and contributing editor for 10 publications as well as a renowned psychic and tarot card reader. Adams is a Leo, born July 24, 1970, raised in New York City, and is an interracial mix of Black, White and American Indian. According to her Playboy pictorial, Adams is the direct descendant of two U.S. presidents, John Adams and John Quincy Adams, later discovering that her lineage also traces back to the House of Plantagenet, Charlemagne, and Merovingian Dynasty. Adams has been featured in and on numerous magazine covers as well as various newspapers such as New York Post, Daily News, Newsday, etc. as well as TV channels 2 (CBS), 4 (NBC), 5 (FOX), 7 (ABC), 9 (WOR) 11 (WPIX), NY 1 News, CNN, etc. and other media such as Entertainment Tonight, The Late Show With David Letterman, Playboy TV, etc. Aside from her active modeling and writing career, Adams decided to dedicate most of her time investing in Fortune 500 companies, enabling her to become a self-made millionaire before the age of 30. Now Adams has decided to dedicate most of her time towards philanthropy, and developing as much of a private life as she can possibly have. Complete book, press information and photos can be found by visiting and