Demigods are nothing but God’s powers that manage this cosmos. Different powers are given specific names. It has a strong correlation with various problems faced by the entire world and man’s individual life pertaining to wealth, joy, advancement, downfall, loss, gain, illness, strife, stress etc. By attaining pleasure of demigods (divine powers) man can easily throw wide open the doors of his all round success and prosperity. Assuming that demigods get displeased even intense effort on the part of that person will reap failure only. Amongst all the spiritual practices enumerated that help make conducive Divine Powers, Yajnas reign supreme. Yajna pleases demigods and they bestow apt situations on its devotee. There are many scriptural proofs for this viz. Matsya Puraana (239/38):

The lotus eyed Lord Vishnu is pleased via Yajnas. If he is appeased the world remains joyous and if he is content, the world experiences contentment.

During the Yajna conducted by the demon King Bali Lord Janardana as Vaaman (small boy) had come there. Not as a guest but as an alms asker. As per the Matsya Puraana (246/20):

If that Lord who is not easily pleased even via religious vows/Vratas, fasting etc starts asking for alms, is it not astounding? All this was the greatness of King Bali’s Yajna.

The Hansa answered the Rishis when asked which actions give which corresponding fruits as per Vishnoo Dharmottar Puraana (137):

Man on performing Yajnas attains the world of Vishnoo etc. Havans destroy sins. Mantra chanting satisfies ones desires. Speaking the truth helps attain the supreme state.

Hansa is praising Yajnas in the Vishnoo Dharmottar Puraana (162):

Yajnas sustain demigods and Pitrus/ancestors. World creatures are under the control of demigods and demigods are controlled by Yajnas. Yajna verily is that Lord Vishnoo in which all animate/inanimate beings reside. For Yajnas the world of demigods and herbs has been created.

Swayambhu Manuji created this world of humanity for Yajna sake only and said: Yajna bestows well being on one and all and hence assiduously work in a Yajna fashion. We can overcome sins by eating remnants of Yajna food. Wise men proclaim that wealth possessed by Yajna doers is divine.

Via Yajnas saintly people enter heaven where demigods reverently worship them. Hansa told great Rishis: O divine Rishis! A saintly Yajna performing person on entering heaven attains innumerable comforts. Hence with intense perseverance worship Almighty God via Yajnas.

Hansaji is describing the methodology of Havans to great Rishis in Vishnoo Dharmottar Puraana (287/3-4-5-7-15)):

The mouth of demigods who work for world well being is fire and desires can be fulfilled only by appeasing demigods. Yajna fire verily is the supreme image of Vishnu. By offering materials in this fire it reaches sun god. Sun helps make clouds which rain water. Water produces food grains and this in turn creates world living beings (3-4).

Demigods shower in the downward direction and human beings upwardly. The chief upward showering in fire are materials created from earth (5).

Demigods attain self fulfillment when materials are offered in Havan fire. These satiated demigods satiate mankind by fulfilling their desires (6).

Yajna performing helps cleanse ones soul of all ‘dirt’ and thus heaven is attained. Yajnas help destroy all vile activities of the world and none should doubt this. (15).

In the 3rd chapter of Manu Smriti (75-76) it is written:

Those demigods/saintly men associate with Homas are known to nourish/nurture the entire world. This is because materials offered to the Homa fire reaches Aaditya demigod. This in turn induces sun to form clouds which shower us with rain. Rain water produces food grains and thus living beings are created. Hence anyone performing Yajnas are in fact nurturing all world creatures.

In Shri Vishnu Puraana (6) it is written:

O Dharmaraaj! Demigods satiated by Yajnas pour rain which in turn satiated world denizens. Yajnas always bestow world welfare.

In Kurmapuraana (Poorvaardha 20/40) Bharadwaaj says:

During a Yajna if anyone worships the eternal Lord Vasudeva they are in fact worshipping all demigods since they are manifestations of Almighty God himself. Thus it connotes that by worshipping eternal Lord Vasudeva in a Yajna all demigods are automatically worshipped.

In the Shiv Puraana (1/4) it is said:

(Yajna is a supreme means to please Lord Shiva) hence O great Rishis! All of you must go to planet earth and perorm a long gigantic Yajna for 1000 years.

In the Brihad Naaradpuraana (39/61) it is said:

Those who worship God via Yajna in a selfless manner ‘transports’ his/her 21 generations to Hari’s temple.

In the Vaaman Puraana (39/64) Sootaji said:

O Rishis! Those devoid of mental attachments worship God and his followers via Yajnas are known to sanctify the entire world with the sacred dust of their holy feet.

In the Vaaman Puraana (37/46) it is said:

The Lord of all demigods Shri Vishnu took up his Vaaman form so as to satisfy a Yajna and fire god in the same way as a Ritwija does so to the Yajmaan/Yajna doer.

In the Matsya Puraana (183/1/42) it is said:

Via Yajna and Mantras those who worship me, worship Rudra become devoid of fear.

In the Matsya Puraana (183/1/24) it is said:

Lest my devotees with a strong resolve worship me via Yajnas for salvation or Mukti know for sure that for thousands and millions of Kalpas he/she will not take rebirth.

In the Kalikaa Puraana (31) it is said:

Via Yajnas demigods and world denizens experience fulfillment. Yajnas produce food grains. Only Yajnas add to the grandeur of this world. This entire world is Yajna incarnate.

In the Kalikaa Puraana (32) it is said:

Yajnas satiate demigods. The entire world resides in Yajnas. Yajna helps remain steady Mother Earth. Yajnas liberate world denizens from bondage.

In the Saur Puraana (7/14) it is said:

Lord Shankar is the enjoyer of Yajnas which means he is pleased via Yajnas.

In the Saur Puraana (7/36) it is said:

Yajnas help worship Lord Shankar.

In the Padma Puraana (5) it is said:

Great saints via Yajnas worship God and in turn demigods too get fulfillment.

Shri Parasharji says in this context:

O meritorious one! For Yajna program Brahmaji created the 4 Varnas which are great means of Yajnas.

In the Yajurveda (11/6/7) Almighty God says that Yajna is man’s righteous duty because Yajna is the substratum of this world:

Via Yajnas Almighty God created all animals, Rig/Yajur/Saama/Atharva Veda Richaas and via Yajnas he nurtures them.

Via Yajnas if demigods do not receive their share they tend to weaken with the result the world faces small/big calamities. In the Kalikaa Puraana (20) Shri Maarkandeyaji says:

Without Yajnas the food of demigods does not reach them. Thus clouds get destroyed and rain does not pour. Lack of rain water man has to go hungry because of famines and epidemics.

In the Kalikaa Puraana (20/16) it is said:

Without Yajnas world humanity becomes fearful and sorrow ridden and lack of rains world humanity dies because of strife and stress.

Life devoid of Yajnas and penance leads to stress and hardships because food grains deplete alarmingly and so does ones wealth.

As quoted above the greatness of Yajnas has no limits. It is like a freely moving bull that roams with head held high the world over. Its potency is eulogized in every corner of the globe. Thus Yajna incarnate bull with its war like cry echoes goodwill in every direction.

In the Go Braahmana (3/7) it is said:

Rig, Yajur, Saama and Atharva Vedas are the horns of the bull called Yajna. Their legs are the morning, noon and dusk eulogies/prayers. Its 2 heads are Brahmaudan and Pravargya. These 3 are bound to Mantra, Kalpa and Braahmana. Its 7 hands are the 7 metres/ Chhandas of Gayatri etc.

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