Are you satisfied with your life right now? Are you content with your life right now? Is there a difference between the two? I would submit to you that there is a difference between satisfaction and contentment.

The dictionary defines satisfaction as “the fulfillment or gratification of a desire, need, or appetite.” It defines contentment as “satisfied with things as they are.”

The definitions sound very similar and many people would actually consider them the same and use them interchangeably. However, I view them in a slightly different light.

I believe that we must become contented with where we are in life meaning that we accept where we are currently as the product of our choices up to now. However, I believe we should never be satisfied with where we are meaning that we should always be striving for greater accomplishments in our lives.

We can have a satisfaction for a moment (a day or two or whatever is appropriate for the achievement), but then we turn our sights to the next goal in our lives.

Your Purpose in life would certainly require that you choose to continually progress forward in life to achieve Your Vision and Your Destiny. For you to become stagnant in life and satisfied with where you are simply means that you are no longer growing. There is a saying, which I agree with completely, that we are either growing or decaying in life. When you choose to become satisfied with current circumstances for too long, you begin to die to yourself.

Your Purpose requires continual growth in life. You must continue to feed yourself through great books and audios and going to great seminars to learn from those that have gone before you. You must continue to associate with those whom you believe are successful in their chosen field. After all, the saying “birds of a feather flock together” is very true. When you associate with other successful people, their way of thinking becomes your way of thinking. You will glean valuable ideas and be able to share ideas back and forth.

Who is it that you view as successful in life? What areas are they successful in? Is this success something that you would like to duplicate? If someone has made a lot of money, but have a lousy family life, is that someone from whom you would like to learn? Or maybe, they have reached a high level in their chosen career or work, but they don’t have a lot of time to do what they would really like to do. Is this someone that you would like to duplicate?

Ask yourself what you define as success. Earl Nightengale defined success as “the progressive realization of a worthy goal or idea.” I look at it this way, if I am taking one step closer to my chosen goal then I am successful. Sometimes success does not appear the way I want it to and I must reevaluate what it looks like for me. I will beat myself up over something that I should not simply because I am not looking at it from the best perspective.

How do you define success? Once you have defined success, seek out those that fulfill your definition. Learn from them. Emulate and duplicate what they have done. It makes no difference what you have done to this point. When you want to create something new you must learn from those who have gone before you and created that which you want to create.

So, in pursuing Your Purpose, are you contented or are you satisfied?

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Your Purpose, Vision and Destiny Coach,


Author's Bio: 

Andy Craig has 15+ years of self-development and leadership study under his belt. In 2006, he attended a leadership seminar that started him on his path to life coaching. After conversations with fellow students, he realized that he had a rare gift: the gift to inspire. Shortly after, Andy took on his first coaching client and saw a huge shift in him during their time working together. That was all it took to motivate him to help other people, pouring into their lives and seeing them understand who they are, what they are able to do, and discover their Purpose, Vision and Destiny in life.

Andy started Abundant Life Coaching with the intent of providing individuals and companies achieve the results they desire. (Open and honest communication is also high on his priority list!) A “glass half-full” kind of guy, Andy’s positive attitude and boundless energy permeates in everything he does. His Christian core values help him see the God-given potential that is within each person, and he strives to assist them in drawing it out.


Andy has a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Speech in the Business Environment from the University of Washington. He has also done extensive training and studying through Klemmer & Assoc. His professional work includes 10+ years of sales and marketing in the auto, home and life insurance industries. He has also worked in the Direct Sales Industry, Home Improvement Industry, Automobile Industry, and multiple network marketing companies. Additionally, Andy speaks to audiences around the United States, and was recently the keynote speaker for the network marketing company Dream Tree Family.