Most of the people expect natal Saturn in the 8th, would bring a lot of difficulties in their life.

But we have to remember 8th house can even be a very good placement for a malefik if it is well aspected or else placed in friendly sign.

The most important thing is that this placement makes the native rather serious about the matters of 8th house. This house rules the sex of unification.

This will made the native very special towards his intimate relation.

Saturn may temporarily block sexual activities during difficult transits, but this would rather turn out good for native's life. When not blocked, saturn indicates steady relationship and bring a lot of sex.

If the saturn is afflicted, this may bring a very poor marriage partner, whose presence will throw the native in a financial burden.

But this position is not helpful for loans, banking and other people's money that native call for help and might be rejected or I can say this way if the native indulge in debt, he will suffer a lot for returning.

The native can live a very long life and he would have to withstand a lot of death of other people.

This house is the house of transformation. The native definitely have to learn how to let go, no matter if it is beloved people or situation.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.