People today are constantly looking for ways to cut down costs, and for the right reasons. With the economy the way it is, saving money has become a necessity. However, it would make no sense on living uncomfortably for the sake of saving up. While this is often the case for some people living in cold weather conditions, it doesn't have to be that way. Under floor heating is an excellent alternative to keep your home warm without spending heavily on energy bills.

Under floor Heating System

The option of electric underfloor heating is practical and convenient right from the installation stage. The heating devices are mounted beneath the floor without altering the decor of the room. Previously, installations were performed by enveloping heating cables in a mix of sand, cement and water. Nowadays, contemporary under floor heating cables and insulation mats are mounted without lifting your current floor height more than an inch. The devices are spread all across the under-floor, causing the heat to spread evenly in all directions instead of in only one direction. This warms up the entire room effortlessly.

Tile Backer Boards Increase Efficiency

Tile backer boards can be used along with the heating cables to provide insulation and create an effective, affordable heating system. Typically, backer boards are used to cut down on heating time and overall operating costs of the heating system. Without employing tile backer boards, the heating device could take a longer time to warm up the space -- this results in increased use of electricity to heat. Backer boards are also a good solution for conservatories that require quick warming up. The boards possess superior thermal and moisture resistance properties.

A tile backer board is fixed on top of the floor primer using a tile adhesive. The underfloor heating cable is installed on top of the board. Another tile adhesive is used on top of the cable, followed by the tile. The backer board with the heating cable is sandwiched between the tile adhesive, making it very safe and a highly effective insulator.

Backer boards come in various sizes and widths to fit your needs. Other benefits of backer boards include:

* Bonding and fixing to any surface type
* Enhanced thermal insulation properties
* Zero moisture absorption due to tight cell structure
* Safe to use, even with children around

One-time Installment, Regular Savings

Reduced consumption of electricity results in reduced cost of your electricity bills. Although you may end up spending a decent amount for getting the equipment installed, the one-time investment will help you save a lot on your regular monthly bills. Moreover, you don't have to compromise on comfort and warmth when saving money. Under floor heating has become a popular option for many home owners who have to put up with cold winters.

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