The save-my-marriage struggle may be avoided from happening in case the couple is proactive in handling their own relationship. Just remember 5 ideas to carry through this strategy and live your married life without problems

When you committed yourself to marriage, you bought yourself a ticket for a roller coaster ride that only death can stop. You will experience both thrilling and nauseating days, high and low months and daring and fearful periods. As long as you’re willing to stick with each other through thick or thin, your marriage will continue to work out. If you don’t work it out, you’ll eventually go separate ways.

To refrain from asking, "How will I save my marriage?" don’t be reactive in mending the issues in your relationship. Below are five guidelines on how to put through this proactive approach.

Marriage requires communication.

Communication must be a two-way street in marriage. Sharing each other’s dreams, wishes, fears and insights is the best way to connect. For it to be effective, one must be able to understand what the other truly means. To know what he/she truly means, listen with your ears and eyes. It can be with the tone, with the facial expression and other physical indicators.

Utilize healthy silence.

When both of you are at the height of anger and frustration, you end up saying nasty things to each other. When you find yourself in this kind of situation, just be quiet. Let the negative energy leave you first before you initiate a conversation. As you think silently, reflect on how you can convey your ideas without hurting your partner’s feelings.

Marriage keeps the fire.

Go out on regular dates with your spouse. If it’s alright with your parents or friends, you can leave your children with them for an hour or two. Continue doing things you enjoyed before you settled down. Continue writing love letters, giving gifts and surprising each other. Tell your partner your love hasn’t changed a bit. Sweet things like these can keep you from undergoing the save-my-marriage conflict.

Compromise with your spouse.

You will not agree with your spouse at all times. You are in the mood for steak but he/she wants to have fish. You feel like exercising together but he/she is too tired for it. You want to send your child to a private school but he/she worries about the high tuition. In situations like this, make a deal with your partner. Come into terms and do whatever you’ve agreed without grudges.

Marriage is an investment.

You get benefits if you treat your marriage as your own business. If you’re responsible for it, you’ll try out all the options to nurture it. You will continually assess the situation, examine the problems and foresee the threats to keep it from failing. You will feel proud of its achievements and mileposts too. Expectedly, it will get special attention from you.

Don’t wait for your marriage to get miserable to deserve your attention. Give your union ample attention, address your and your partner’s needs and resolve your relationship issues to prevent any save-my-marriage battle.

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