Depression as a state of mind is generally associated with the grown ups. Lots of reasons have been stated for the cause of this negative state of minds in case of people who are grown ups. Talking about a similar condition in case of infants is generally not a viable topic to discuss. People generally rule out this conversation by saying that the infants may not really have a reason for getting into the state of depression. However, this is a very wrong perception. The kids have lot many causes that can snatch away their smile and cause them to ponder over all the negatives in life. The state of depression is found amongst many kids. Today, the world is growing fast. Things change rapidly and these directly affect the kids who have a tender heart. The infants are most prone to getting sad by the unwanted changes happening around them.

One of the most probable and common reasons behind the depressed state of mind in children is the divorce of parents. Many kids have been found to suffer out of this cause. This condition leaves them in a negative aura that compels them to get into depression. They are not so fast and adaptable to changes. The kids generally, get upset with matters pertaining to academics also. When they are subjected to very heavy loads of the academic structure, they get into a helpless state of mind. The infants are also suffering from the social factors. Not all kids like to socialize. If they are compelled to do so, they may feel the pressure that may even drag them into depression. In most of the cases, the condition worsens if not given proper care.

The basic difference that causes even more problems pertaining to the depression in kids is that they are difficult to predict. Depression in grown ups are easily visible. However, in case of kids the sad state of mind may even go un noticed most of the times. This causes them to stay in the same stream for a long time resulting in their moods to revolve around negativity for long. It is always advisable to the parents that they should try to figure out if their kids show difference in the state of behavior. If the infants display irritation and they find things difficult to deal with, then these are the basic symptoms of depression in them. kids, who undergo this phase, generally tend to have crying tendencies. they do not feel like playing around or mixing with the other kids. Some cases in which the kids were found to be undergoing this state of mind, even displayed tendencies to quarrel with the others of same age group.

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