A marriage will only be a success if both people involved are ready to make it work. It can come like a small heart-wrencher when your husband tells you that he is not happy in your relationship, since women are naturally inclined to want to make the people around them feel cared for. So, what if your other half wants the divorce but you just feel thrilled with the situation? - well, it’s time for you to take action. You’ve put a lot into this venture which is well-worth your time and effort to try and save it.

The foremost and most difficult move to make is not to react too emotionally. Your normal instinct is to perhaps show your own anger and distress in the fact that he wants to leave, particularly since you love him a lot. Both of these things can make him feel even less comfortable than he was before. Men usually see it very hard to share their feelings with their partners, and when you end up making them feel guilty about his desire to split from you, it'll probably simply harden his resolve to do so. It might serve you easier to listen to what he has to say, tell him you realize his feelings, and you will need some time to absorb what he has told you.

Often the partner whose idea it had been to separate will realise after a short period of time it was an ill-founded notion and can behave as the catalyst for a reunion. A much better strategy that you should take is always to support him in his wishes and accompany the motions of obtaining a legal separation. He won’t be expecting this, and will more than likely begin to wonder about your own feelings concerning the marriage and when he will get a taste of living without you, allow him to find out how a split might impact his own living. It clearly will not be as positive thought. Several couples end up spending the rest of their lives together happily after a little sort of split up.

Another aspect that you will have to think about in long-term is what were the underlying reasons for his beginning to feel this way. You have to respect his feelings just as much as your own. Usually the mere threat of the impending divorce is sufficient to jolt the members of a couple into action and start working a bit harder on the marriage.

Even though they might both love one another, couples can always end up drifting apart and slowly but surely heading in the direction of divorce. But whether you have the cooperation of your partner, there are lots of things that can be done to be able to correct the path of a relationship and rekindle aspects which had been neglected or had dwindled.

You shouldn't assume that divorce is inevitable if there are conflicts between you and your spouse - a marriage or relationship is definitely saveable, and always worth saving. These days there are methods available which could help you to steer the ship away from the rocks and rebuild a stronger bond than in the past.

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