Your bathroom should be one of the most relaxing rooms in the house: a simple, clean haven from the increasingly jumbled, overcrowded and public world outside. If your water closet offers somewhat cramped quarters, keeping all your essential toiletries and linens organized can be a bit of a quandary. Help your powder room achieve its most peaceful potential and get it in order with these helpful bathroom organizers.

Toilet Tank Shelf / Space Saver

One of the most common places in the bathroom for space to go unused is above the toilet. While a nice painting would do wonders for atmosphere, the most practical way to utilize that extra room is with this attractive toilet tank shelf, offering a bit more counter space for tissues, hair products and more. The over toilet space saver takes that idea a bit further, adding two or three more shelves for linen and supply storage. These popular units come in a variety of styles, from bare bones chrome units to more stylized wooden shelves with closed-door cabinet space to fit both your décor and your budget.

Wrought Iron Bath Organizer

Some of the best options for making the most out of the space you’ve got in your bathroom are items that can offer multiple uses. This handsome wrought iron bath organizer holds two extra large rolls of toilet paper, has a storage area for magazines and other reading material and also provides a small surface for extra storage or decoration. Such items that combine great looks with plenty of practicality are an excellent value in your quest for a neater, more effective bathroom.

Expandable Under Sink Shelf

Another often overlooked storage area in the bathroom is under the sink. If your sink is attached to the wall, a simple skirt can be attached to hide unsightly pipes and provide more hidden storage space. Whether the space under your sink is open or contained inside a cabinet or vanity, an expandable under sink shelf can provide more storage. This extremely clever item has two shelves to maximize storage space and expands in the center, providing clearance for drainage pipes.

Corner Shower Caddy

One common issue in small showers or bathrooms that must be shared by a number of people is a jumble of shampoos, conditioners, soaps, loofahs and sponges taking up precious space while you bathe. A fantastic solution comes in the form of a versatile corner shower caddy. Available in a variety of materials and finishes, from chrome to plastic covered metal, corner shower caddies install in seconds with no tools by using a large expandable tension rod—all you need is a floor and a ceiling! Most of this handy shower caddies also feature at least four sturdy, adjustable shelves featuring enough room for everyone’s cleaning products, plus hooks for loofahs and a place for razors. And after all, the small price of a corner shower caddy is worth eliminating the risk of slipping on someone’s bar of soap during your next shower.

Over Door Two Basket Towel Rack

One absolute essential for a perfectly functioning bathroom is a good towel rack. A great way to hang your towel to dry while adding a bit of bonus storage space is this wonderful over door two basket towel rack. Able to fit over just about any standard door, this rack has enough room for two towels and features two large and sturdy baskets that accommodate anything from extra shampoo or toilet paper to clean towels and other linens. Best of all, it utilizes space that won’t get in the way and might otherwise go to waste.

Eight Shelf Towel Holder

If you’ve been struggling to find a place to keep your extra towels and wash cloths, consider putting them on display while storing them in one the handiest places available—right on the bathroom wall. This sleek eight shelf towel holder makes it possible, accommodating up to three wash cloths, three hand towels and three full sized bath towels in just over 16 inches of vertical space. The unit is constructed of chrome covered metal for an attractive, hotel-like design and installs in minutes with included hardware.

Toothbrush Organizer

If counter space is limited in your bathroom, consider investing in an ultra-practical mirror or tile-mountable toothbrush organizer. With enough room to hold four toothbrushes and an included tumbler, the unit attaches to any flat surface in seconds with suction cups.

Anyone can transform even the most cramped water closet into a more relaxing and efficient place with just a bit of planning and the right tools. All of these fantastic space-saving and space-making products are just a simple mouse-click away. Take some time to find the right tools and equipment for you and make your life easier and your bathroom a more serene and organized place today.

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