Times are tough right now and anyway that you can cut down on costs is welcomed. But just because you cut costs doesn't mean you can't buy what you need. You just have to buy it for less and saving money on clothes is a great place to start.

What follows are some great ideas on how to get the biggest bang out of your clothing buck but also some simple tips on common sense and self-discipline. At the end of the day, you can wind up with a fabulous wardrobe and save hundreds of dollars on your clothing budget.

If you're the kind of person that needs to touch and feel and try on clothes before you buy then you're going to be visiting brick and mortar stores. But before you hit the mall, go online and search for coupons at the stores you're thinking about visiting. Retailers always have sales each week. What you discover in the way of coupons may determine what shops you visit. That in turn can save you time and gas that you would have spent running around to the different shops.

Before you head out think about a couple of things. First, what do you need? Not "It'd be nice to have" but what you need. That's what you want to buy. Secondly, can you afford to spend the money? The one sure way to determine that is to visit the ATM and take out the cash that you intend to spend. Leave the credit card at home.

Coupons are great but clearance and end of season sales are an even better way to save money on clothes. Yes, the selection might be limited but you're talking 40% to 60% off here. This is where you want to spend your money. Even if it's the end of the season, take those new purchases and put them in a box and don't open them until the new season arrives. Bingo, instant inexpensive seasonal wardrobe.

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So saving money on clothes is not all that difficult once you know what to do. Go out, shop smart, look great, and save a bundle of dough as well.

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