Gastric issues are very troublesome and mostly seen in adults. These just happen because of lifestyle issues. The gastric issues named gastroesophageal reflex disease (GERD) is lifestyle problem. Some of the issues that will become problematic are given below:

Peptic Ulcer- peptic ulcer takes place when in stomach gastric acid increases. Also, in case of stomach’s protection wall compromised then also condition takes place. In other way we can say that when the balance of acid and mucosal protection vanishes, ulcer takes place. So many people usually take medicines to fight with stomach pain which can be responsible for the ulcers.

General Symptoms- Pain after eating, usually the pain becomes strong at the night time. You should not ignore the initial symptoms if you will ignore then in worse situation it can changes in bleeding. You can also have blood in stool or through vomiting.

Remedy- You can lighten the pain by eating something or have an antacid. But if the case is severe then surgery is the only way left for you.

Gastro oesophageal reflux Disease (GERD) - GERD is caused due to reflux of stomach contents into oesophagus. The most common GI problem is this. You will surprise to know that about 20% of people face the problem of heartburn once every week.

Symptoms- You will feel a burning sensation in chest or in abdomen area. The pain is wavy like a river wave it goes upside and then down ward. In severe case, the pain also moves in the chest area, neck and in jaw angles. Even some face difficulty in chewing or swallow the solid food because of narrow of oesophagus. You canalso face chronic cough and throat infection.

Remedy- You must drink plenty of drinks especially water also sits in upright position. You can also take antacid which will help you fast. Take some of the medicines like omeprazole and rabeprazole which will help to lessen acid sensation. In worst case, surgery is needed to strengthen the anti-reflux barrier.

Treatment- As you know the problem occurs due to unhealthy lifestyle then the most simple and easy way to stay away from the problem is to make healthy changes to your lifestyle. Take small meals in place of 3 heavy meals and also have 2 small snacks and snacking here doesn’t give you the idea of eating burger or pizza. You must eat any fruit at that time. It will help to manage the weight.

Acute Viral Hepatitis- Hepatitis A, B, C and E viruses are responsible for the same. The contaminated water, food, milk invites Hepatitis A virus. Generally it attacks children.

Symptoms- Nausea, anorexia, fever and vomiting and the main symptoms of the problem. Even jaundice attacks the person. In some rare cases, liver failure takes place.

Remedy- keeps the areas around the patient neat and clean as the hygiene will help to lessen the symptoms.

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