You may have already heard or read about the Botox treatment from the magazines or celebrity talk shows but there are several misconceptions about the procedures and its effects. Botox therapy is done to treat various physiological conditions but it is most popular as an anti-ageing treatment especially among the women.

Botox injections are prepared from botulinum toxin which is secreted by a group of bacteria known as Clostridium botulinum. Generally, the toxin is highly poisonous and causes botulism, a type of food poising. But when it is injected into the refraining muscles of your face causing the frown lines or wrinkles then it works effectively to stop the signs of ageing from appearing.

Botox Treatment has been approved in the USA as a non-surgical cosmetic procedure since 2002 after getting the nod from the FDA. It is one of the tops no surgical procedures to stop ageing in the whole world for both men and women. Celebrities, famous personalities and everyone who desires to look beautiful consider the botox therapy as their only way to overcome the frown lines and wrinkles. If you are planning to inject botox for the very first time, consider these points before making the ultimate decision.

How Does Botox Work?

Before proceeding to the working procedure of the Botox injections, you should know about the signs of ageing that Botox fights:

1. Glabellar Lines or Frown Lines- The lines or wrinkles that appear between eyebrows with age.

2. Crow’s Feet- The wrinkle patterns emerging from the corner of the eyes.

3. Forehead Furrows- The wrinkles or lines that appear on the forehead due to age.

Botox is also used to treat muscle spasms, heavy sweating in your underarms but it is generally most famous as a beautification treatment. The Botox cosmetic injections that are used to stop the lines or wrinkle patterns from appearing contain botulinum toxin type A as its active component. Human albumin, a protein available in our blood plasma and sodium chloride are used as the subsidiary components.

Botox injections are used to prevent the frown lines from appearing temporarily. It is also used for the smoothening of the crow’s feet, forehead furrows, marionette lines and smoker’s lines in different corners of the face. The botox cosmetic is directly injected into the facial muscles causing these symptoms. The botulinum toxin provides a relaxing effect on the muscles to prevent these symptoms from appearing thus improving your appearance.

Botox injections are not same as the injectable fillers, they are completely different. Consult with your doctor first to see whether you are compatible for the botox usage before going for the treatment directly.

What Is The Best Age To Start Using Botox?

There is no particular age to start using botox. You can start using botox anytime you feel necessary. But it is better to start it early once you start spotting the fine lines appearing on your forehead. It is all about the effectiveness of the treatment. If your wrinkles become deeper then it would not be easy for the cosmetic to make them smooth.

With the increase in age, the facial muscles start contracting and the skin becomes highly grooved thus the effectiveness of the botox treatment will decrease with the onslaught of age and the wrinkle patterns will not be minimised that easily. So it is always better to start early.

Before starting the treatment, consult with a dermatologist first for getting the best results. The doctor will analyse the skin conditions and your medical history. If you are a smoker or you have never used sunscreens for your face or if you have active genes that make your skin prone to ageing then you will witness more wrinkles than others. Taking your age and all these factors into consideration the dermatologist will suggest you the optimum dosage of botox thereby preventing you from overdosing yourself which in turn can cause facial muscle atrophy to make you look more aged or frozen.

The best time to start the therapy is in your early 20s when the fine lines start appearing. It will also be beneficial for you to start that early because the botox in your system will prevent the deeper wrinkle patterns from appearing with the increasing thus giving you a charming look.

Is 24 too Young For Botox?

As the cosmetic surgeons are claiming, even patients are trying botox therapy at younger ages. One can start with the botox therapy as soon as she/he steps in the 20’s. However, it is not effective if there is no presence of wrinkles. If you are having those fine lines at the age of 24, you can fearlessly go for the botox therapy for obtaining a perfectly toned skin.

What Happens When Botox Wears Off?

Once you have been dosed with botox cosmetic, the grooved lines will stop appearing temporarily and your skin will look smoother as well as young. But to make this effect stay, you will have to take the dosages after periodic intervals as per the guidelines of your consulting dermatologist.

If you delay the dosage of the botox injection then the effect of botox will slowly start to wear off and the facial muscles will start contracting again thus causing the wrinkle patterns to reappear. There is a popular misconception among many people that your skin becomes more vulnerable to ageing once the botox wears off. But that is not true and there is no evidence that proves that. It is totally safe to you as long as you are following the guidelines.

Will Botox Make You Look Fake or Frozen?

No, there is absolutely no risk of that as long as you are maintaining the guidelines provided to you by your dermatologist. It can only happen if you get yourself overdosed with the botox cosmetic. An overdose of botox causes facial muscle atrophy which worsens the signs of ageing and makes you look fake or frozen. That it is why it is always wise to get the treatment under the supervision of a consultant dermatologist.

How Much Does Botox Cost?

The cost of botox normally depends on upon two things:

1. Availability of the cosmetic in your area.

2. The number of units you are buying.

Generally, the cost per unit of botox ranges from $9 to $20 considering the availability of the medication in your area.

Can You Go to Work, Take Medicines or Exercise after the Treatment?

Yes, you can definitely take medicines as prescribed by your physician and go to work after the treatment. However, do not go for training sessions or exercise soon after the botox treatment. There will be an increase in the circulation of body while exercising and thus it may not be preferred for two reasons:

1.The circulation may leave less botox where the doctors want and so the effect will automatically decrease.

2.It will increase the risk of botox acting in other areas.

So it is preferred to start the exercise after a gap of 24 hours or more. If you have an allergy to any certain medicine then inform your doctor about that otherwise, the bruising may get increased due to the presence of botox in your system.

What Is The Most Important Thing?

Lastly, it is always essential to be on the right track while using botox. The wrinkles and lines are natural and they will appear with increasing age, so you should always keep a right mindset to take the decisions otherwise the condition may worsen. Botox therapy is acclaimed all over the world and so, it is wise to go for this non-surgical treatment.

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