State Bank of India is a popular Public Sector Bank in India and it is also one of the largest banks in India. The bank has its headquarters in Mumbai and it was founded in the year 1806. Upon inception, the bank was known as Bank of Calcutta but after several rounds of rebranding, it is what you know as State Bank of India.
The bank offers several services for its customer and one of the most popular services availed by the people is Personal and Corporate Banking. This is a bank account which people prefer opening because of the features and the benefits of the account. Here are more details about the features and benefits of the account.


• Some of the general features of corporate and personal banking account are that it comes with the ATM Card, Net Banking, Online Transactions, Mobile Banking and all such facilities. This is needless to point out.
• The bank also offers DMAT account which can be obtained by the interest parties. Apart from that, you can also purchase mutual funds with help of your SBI Account.
• Both these bank accounts also offer green remit card and Foreign Inward Remittance so as to get money from abroad.
• Apart from the features mentioned above, you can visit the SBI Touch branch and you can also get lockers in the branch if you need to keep your valuable items.
• The service range available with SBI Bank is huge and you can really be tired of looking at all the services. This includes investment services, wealth management services, mortgage and loan facility
• You can also opt for Zero balance account and this will help you in availing services for free. Apart from that, you can avail insurance facility from the bank as well.


• SBI is a bank which has reach across the country. You will find mobile bank branches and branches of SBI even in a small village.
• The services offered are amazing and after the rebranding, the bank has become really efficient.
• The bank abides by the government rules and regulations so you do not have to worry about the bank being unreasonable while demanding a fee or you basically do not have to worry about high minimum balance account.

Apart from the features and benefits listed above, there are several other benefits and features of having a relationship with the bank. You can get in touch with SBI and check out more details about the products and services that you are interested in.

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