Construction and manufacturing are two industries that require a lot of on-the-job work. Whether it is raw material procurement and production in the case of manufacturing or managing a site in the case of a construction company, there is tremendous pressure to outperform in terms of quality. If you are part of either of the two industries, you sure would have heard this many times - ‘Before jumping in on-field, plan your resources properly.’ The reason - how you collect, manage, and ascertain information will determine whether you win or lose.

Companies from the construction and manufacturing-related industry must be able to prove themselves in a challenging and competitive market environment where the use of material resources and a high degree of agility in project management are very critical. ERP software offers a multitude of integrated solutions that support every aspect of a business, including planning, project control, cost, and revenue estimation. According to a recent report by Gartner, “By 2022, cloud ERP should be the preferred option for more than 75% of midsize companies and for more than 40% of large enterprises aiming to transform their monolithic legacy ERP estate.”

Let us understand in detail about the two industries and the need for custom ERP solutions for them - 

ERP For Manufacturing Companies: A Boon In Disguise 

Today, manufacturing companies are swiftly moving towards digitization. If you are in the business of production or manufacturing, the project management methodologies that worked yesterday may not work for you tomorrow. Specialized ERP for manufacturing companies fosters real-time reporting and insight into business operations, the market, and your clients so you can make smart decisions. 

ERP can help manufacturing businesses with the following:

  • Machine planning processes
  • Warehouse management
  • APPP (Articulated Production Planning Process)
  • The ING’s processes
  • (IIRM) Information Integration & Response Module
  • Production project management
  • Actual costs and estimates
  • Key product costings
  • Quality control
  • Dashboard cockpit
  • Planning and consumption
  • Endemic production cycle
  • And much more

A robust ERP software allows manufacturing businesses to quickly and strategically respond to internal as well as external business challenges. ERP solutions such as SAP Business One not only help manufacturers adapt to change, but also leverage them as a competitive advantage.

ERP For Construction Companies- A Must-Have To Succeed

Right from contract and variation management, tender and bid management, inventory, contracting and subcontracting, equipment and machinery- what better than a single platform to manage the construction industry processes? 

With ERP for construction companies, all the information can be centralized and project management becomes seamless. A feature-rich, all-in-one construction ERP software can facilitate the following: 

  • Opportunity & proposal management
  • Contract & invoice management
  • Raw material management
  • Sourcing & procurement
  • Financial management
  • Mobile accessibility
  • In-built analytics
  • Resource allocation & planning

Time to cut complexity and drive smooth operations. Partnering with a reliable company for successful ERP implementation can prove to be a business success ‘must-have’!

The Conclusion

ERP software for manufacturing and construction companies helps lead the operations and management systems. SAP Business One is the perfect solution for a construction and manufacturing business to reduce the business complexities, optimize job scheduling, automate employee work, track project budget, assess risk, collaborate work on different projects, and much more. As Asia's #1 SAP BI partner and India’s first Platinum SAP BI partner, Uneecops Business Solutions (UBS) proposes the right SAP Business One solution corresponding to your unique business needs. 

If you would like to design a solution that lays a great foundation for successful SAP implementation, UBS is your go-to company. With a decade of experience in rendering business solutions to 18+ verticals, the team knows how to keep your project on track with customized construction and manufacturing ERP services.

Author's Bio: 

Roli’s expertise in 360* ERP solutions can be leveraged to enable successful marketing and communication strategies. After years of working with software experts, she has gathered knowledge about the various industries and verticals