Your scalp plays a vital role in your hair health. Having beautiful mane is directly related to your scalp health. Just like your skin, your scalp contains sebaceous glands which controls the production of oil and sebum. Having a dry scalp can cause dandruff and other scalp infections. On the other hand, excess oil in your scalp makes your hair weak, greasy and sticky. So, what to do now? How to maintain the balance of oil in your scalp?

Trichology Center Dubai introduces scalp exfoliation treatment which helps to get thick silky and smooth hair. Scrubbing is a conventional way to get rid of dead skin cells. It makes your skin neat and healthy. Our scalp is as sensitive as your facial skin and it needs your attention just like your face and hands. For this purpose one must understand the actual concept of exfoliation.

Scalp exfoliation is a scrubbing process of removing dust, dead skin cells, dandruff and excess oil from your locks. Impurities present in your head create hindrance in your hair growth therefore, removal of such filths is mandatory. The basic purpose of exfoliation is to create a healthy environment for your locks to grow and shine.

There are certain natural remedies which are used for scalp scrubbing:

• Mixture of baking soda and a clarifying shampoo;

• Blend of olive oil and sea salt;

• Combination of hair conditioner and brown sugar;

• Blend of essential oil and cinnamon.

The question is which scalp scrub is best for your mane? Besides knowing your scalp and hair texture, it is also important to know the characteristics of all ingredients used in your natural scrub. Applying wrong exfoliation scrub can lead to different scalp inflammation. For example, you should not be applying a hot oil mask on your oily scalp, you can use it on dry and itchy scalp instead.

Hair Spa UAE provides you with best consultation regarding hair loss issue. Before undergoing any scalp and hair treatment one must ensure a complete consolation with an expert. Basically, conversation with your dermatologist consists of three steps:

• Initial consultation
Having a good conversation is a necessary stage to deal with your hair loss issue. A series of questions is asked to ensure what exactly your problem is.

• Diagnosis
After knowing all details of a patient, certain tests are performed to ensure the real cause of your hair damage. It is an important step that must be handled with full responsibility and care. At the end of this step, you are intimated with the real cause of hair loss.

• Treatments and suggestions
Hair fall is classified into various categories which varies from person to person. So, the treatments also differ. You are provided with best advice and suggestions at Hair Spa UAE.

A variety of scalp treatments is offered at Non Surgical Hair Replacement Dubai. If you are looking for healthy, voluminous and gorgeous looking hair, you must ensure that your scalp is healthy. Having a healthy scalp is gateway to your silky, smooth and graceful locks.

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