If we all had the skills, talent, perseverance the mindset and the ambition and everything else it takes to be rich we could all be rich, what a wonderful dream that is and yet we have not all chosen that path and that is where many people have a feeling of scarcity of money in their life.

What beliefs do you hold on to

What beliefs do you hold on to that creates the feeling within you of scarcity because it is fuel by an energy of not enough for you to have more.

Scarcity of money is a way of life for many people and maybe you, this was form as a child by the thinking feeling and actions your family took and you are carrying the legacy of this thinking in your adult life and you may have introduce it to your family.

How could you run out of money

Do you know that when you think that there is a scarcity of anything you run out to get some more in case you run out of it how could you run out of money when there is so much around the world to attract to you?

Money is not the thing that you run out of it is not having enough people in your life that you may run out of because people brings you money.

The more you work at thinking about not having money the more the mind is drawn to the things that it was told to not to think of and that is not having money.

The feeling of being deprive

Having the feeling of being deprive or this feeling of “lacking of” or “not having enough of”, maybe felt in different in many ways and it may go to fun, cloths, love, attention, support, money or anything else which means that you may have the feeling that you have the right to have something and someone else is stopping you from having it although you know logically there are no truth to this.

The feeling of limited

The feeling of limited of not having enough is a way of holding you to work hard or that it is hard to come by and only few can achieve this. You grew up with this thinking so it is normal that you buy into this way until you are proven differently.

Scarcity has its lessons on holding you there and for each person it maybe different. Until you take back the power within you and chose to decide what you hold as truth for you the problem will continue to be there within.

Becoming grateful

When you want more than you have and focus on what is not there than what is, you create a feeling of lacking and you constantly will create this feeling.

Changing the way you view your life and becoming grateful for your success helps to change your life around because you start to bring more in your life just by changing your focus of plenty.

Conclusion: Scarcity of money starts in the mind and manifest in your reality because of the thinking you were introduce to and you can recreate a new pattern of thinking now.

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