Trick-or-treating is a famous tradition of Halloween that people practice every year from the past 100 years. Earlier it was practiced only in America but now it has become a tradition that the entire world follows because it is not just a tradition but a fun thing to do as well. For those who don't know what this tradition is all about, well it's where the children go from one house to another in their neighborhood in order to receive candy and goodies as gifts. But, how did it all begin and what is it all about? Well, most of us simply follow the tradition without knowing the story behind the tradition of trick-or-treating. So, what exactly is the story behind the tradition of trick-or-treating and how did it become such an integral part of Halloween? Well, nobody knows, but what we know are the legends that surround this tradition. Interested in knowing so? Well, scroll down to get all the details.


There are several legends surrounding the tradition of trick-or-treating, but 4 of them are such that they are certainly going to give you creeps. Excited much? Here we go.

  1. Spider Wig

In this legend, a girl after enjoying her trick-or-treat, plans to head to a Halloween party. As she had nothing to wear to the party, she puts together a gown for herself with the treasure of her grandma. All of a sudden, a strange hat and a wig draws her attention towards it and she decides to wear it to the party. Once she reaches a party, everybody starts making way for her all scared and petrified and once she realizes what is happening to her, it becomes the scariest night for her as well. Her hat was releasing countless numbers of 8 legged arachnids.

  1. The Madman

This one is quite scary and makes for a good horror movie. The story revolves around a couple who, after the Halloween party, plan to make out in the car. While making out they hear a news on the radio where a madman who has a hook instead of a hand has killed a girl in the neighborhood. Scared, they switch off the radio only to hear a screeching sound from the roof of the car, scared the two checked what is there. And, to their horror, it was the ‘Madman'. Scared much? Well, that is why you shouldn't park your car in an isolated place.

  1. Corrupted Candy

We all have heard the saying, "never take candies from strangers", but do you know there is a history behind it? In the year 1874, a boy named Charley Ross was abducted during the trick-or-treat tradition. The kidnapper lured the kid with a lot of candies and took him to a horse-drawn carriage from where the boy never came out. Though this might be just another legend, the phrase is still relevant because every year, during the trick-or-treat some children are hurt or abducted with the usage of different drugs in the candies. So, parents, you need to be very careful when your kids are out for the trick-or-treat tradition.

  1. Bloody Mary

Mirrors are essential for our being, especially during the Halloween. Afterall, how else we will see ourselves in the mirror during the Halloween and judge how scary we can look? But, as per the legend, you should be very careful when you look at the mirror and say something during the Halloween because if you say Bloody Mary thrice, legend has it, that a woman will come out of the mirror and drag you inside of it, leaving no scope for you to come back.

So, with that, the urban legends of trick-or-treating tradition comes to an end. As Halloween and trick-or-treat are around the corner, don't forget to go to the nearest candy store Online and have your doze of candies. Happy Halloween!

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