If you are planning to pursue higher education abroad, you might already be aware that the cost of education, living and other expenses overseas can quickly add up to a large budget. These expenses, however, could be reduced through the scholarships offered by the country you would like to study in, university you wish to attend, or the program you opt for, given you meet the eligibility criteria.
So, let’s have a look at how you can check for scholarships to pursue your desired higher education program in your chosen study destination.
Sources to check for Study Abroad Scholarships

There are various sources through which you can apply financial aid for overseas education. Let’s see how.

• You can consult your study abroad advisor to find out whether there are any scholarships you can apply for with respect to the program you want to opt for For this it’s essential to consult the Best overseas education consultants in India or the country from where you are so that you get authentic information.
• You can search for universities or private institutions in the country you want to study in which provide financial aid to international students.
• There are other places you can approach to ask about potential financial aid, such as financial aid office, study abroad office, or foreign language departments.

Categories of Study Abroad Scholarships

Destination Specific Scholarships: Some scholarships are tied to a specific destination such as by continent, country, or region. These scholarships are offered by the countries as an incentive for international students to study in that country. These scholarships have different eligibility criteria and selection process which you need to go through from their official website if you wish to apply for them.

Study abroad Scholarship

Program Specific Scholarships: Some universities offer program specific scholarships. These scholarships are often given to students based on their academic or personal achievements. If your program falls under this category and you are qualified for it, you can apply for scholarship for that program.

Scholarships by your country government for International Studies: There might be some scholarships for foreign education being provided by your home country as well. You need to research or ask your consultant of the possibility and apply for it if you are eligible.

Types of Scholarships

• Merit Based Scholarships: Your selected university for study abroad education might offer scholarship based on exceptional performance on studies or extracurricular.

• Need Based Scholarships: Many countries and universities offer scholarships to their students if they belong to the financially weaker section. To avail this scholarship, one must be able to provide proof of financial documents which entails the financial background of the student.
You may be eligible for Full Tuition Fees Waiver or Partial Tuition Fees Waiver based on the type of scholarship you are applying to. It’s important to understand that all these scholarships are extremely competitive and very limited in number, so check your eligibility properly and do the application very carefully.

In short there are many to get study abroad scholarships for higher education. All you need to do is research and apply for the right scholarship on the right time. If you feel that researching, understanding, and applying on your own will be a little difficult then you can approach study abroad consultants who will give you the latest updates and assist you in the process. Most of the consultants are offering Free online counselling for study abroad, so go ahead and make the most of it.

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