We are the Holi Powder experts when it comes to school colour runs, holi powder fundraisers, university holi powder games & more! Speak to one of our friendly team on the bulk discounts we can offer you and package prices with the only Australian company offering truly certified European grade holi powder.

Bulk Discount Packages – Enquire Within

We don’t like to advertise when we go a bit silly on price, but lets just say in the past few weeks we have dealt with 3 seperate large scale events and all of them very pleased with the quick turn around and level of service as well as quality of product. We had a school holi powder package order come in at 5pm one day and had it ready for their freight carrier to pick up first thing the next morning, we will work with you on ensuring you get your goods no matter where you are located!

The Largest Range Of Holi Accessories In Australia

We stock here in Sydney easily the largest range of Holi Powder accessories and components to go with your holi power package and school fundraiser using holi powder. Not limited to, we have quantities in the 1000’s of the below:

Plain White T-Shirts
Rainbow FX Headband
Rainbow FX Sweatband
UV Reactive FX Bracelet
Rainbow FX Lanyard

We will be this week launching some of these product so watch carefully but for you reading this, if you are interested now in a custom package they are available & in stock.

School Fundraiser Holi Powder Parties

When it comes to school fundraisers, charity events and community activation’s we love to get involved on whatever level we can so please if you are wanting sponsorship or a package deal there’s no harm in asking, right? Just be careful of the cheap, nasty, unsafe of humans let alone children holi around – you do get what you pay for with everything and we back our product 100% and are a 15 year+ running company with our parent company running the back end, we boast a large 700sqm warehouse in Sydney Metro where our operation takes place and welcome any visitor by appointment to show you that we aren’t a home operation or side business company – we take our work and holi very seriously!

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