Theory of mind is the ability of one person to understand another mind and able to see directly what is happening in another mind through the way they relate. We can only understand one another through the help of communication to another. This is possible when you understand the same language and understanding of one’s emotions. When a person understands another’s mental status he is also able to know why one behaves differently from others. Not all humans are the same, some may develop faster minds than others and they end up thinking differently towards certain issues. One becomes responsible for his actions because of the act of his minds. Science of mind is quite complicated and can never be exhausted.

Ones actions may come as a result of a certain beliefs in certain things in life. When humans are growing they think differently at different levels. One can only understand his state of mind when he is able to believe and have desires for himself that create emotions in one’s life. Both humans and animals develop their minds differently and at varying ages in life. Human minds are created differently that’s why there are different beliefs among human beings. Humans relate divergently because of their beliefs like the social classes, surroundings and etc. Animals are not able to differentiate their relations since they can’t tell right from wrong.

Adults and children need different environment to understand another’s state of mind. An adult read someone’s state of mind and judge him without thinking of the driving forces to that state but a child may understand and feel compassion for the fellow human. One’s state of mind could be as a result of feelings concentrated in their minds. Children may not be aware of their actions until they reach a certain age to be able to understand another state of mind. Adults and children relate varyingly because of different levels of understanding another state of mind.

One becomes aware of their state of mind when they take certain actions therefore they start thinking and behaving in relation to what surrounds them. They also act because of what they believe they can achieve. You only realize another’s state of mind when their actions change from the usual ones, they are understood according to the actions but not what believe and desire. Depending on how you relate with other, only few may be able to tell what is going on in your mind when you open up to them. Not everyone has the ability read non-verbal emotions on your mind.

To have theory of mind is another thing but to use it appropriately is different because we all have the capacity utilize it. It is a gradual process to develop science of mind to work properly and at a certain stage in life it diminishes due to certain conditions like illness or old age. Even children can have theory of mind depending on how fast the child develops. Having believed to a particular state of mind varies from human to human and can only be understood based on personal reasons.

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