Psychic ability is God’s gift to us. It is a sixth sense. With it, we can see anything and everything, which basically says that we can know something without scientific proof. We then know something because we have an esp experience of it. There are many people on the planet who choose not to go there, however, who refuse to see or know anything without some sort of physical, tangible, scientific proof.

But let’s say a person does go into the psychic realm of awareness, of knowing something that is unseen and unproven in the physical realms. And let’s say that person has an experience of seeing something rather bizarre, or what would be considered to be bizarre by most “rational” people. Is what that person experienced and saw a psychic esp experience of a reality, or is what they experienced and saw a delusion, a hallucination, emanating from their mental illness? Is it schizophrenia? Or a psychic experience? Or even both? This is one real problem area in the psychic realm; and how any particular person interprets that person’s experience depends on their degree of openness to the idea that we can have esp experiences and see things and know things without scientific proof. If an individual hears of that person’s bizarre experience in seeing, and that individual is not at all open to the idea of esp or knowing or seeing with intuitive senses, then they can only interpret that person’s bizarre experience as mental illness of a schizophrenic nature. This is a very serious error, for many people are being diagnosed as schizophrenic when all it is is they are having psychic experiences and what they are hearing and seeing is highly intuitive. But because it seems bizarre, they are labeled as being mentally ill. Now, I am not saying that there are not mentally ill schizophrenic people who are having hallucinations, for this is a real phenomenon and experience. But I think we need to be careful in this area and determine first if the person seems to be sane generally in all other aspects except for these so-called hallucinations.

Most of us have been taught by society, parents, and schools to think and believe in what has some semblance of scientific proof. I say semblance of because there is pure scientific method, and then there is something where we kind of put together the dots of a theory based on certain things we learn and observe, although it is not exactly scientifically proven. Especially in our colleges, the scientific method of everything is drummed into our heads and belief systems ad nauseum to the point where people can no longer know or see anything other than through scientific proof and what they can see with their physical eyes in physical reality. This is very serious because we are shutting off our intuitive and psychic abilities, we are choosing to shut it all off, and in so doing, we are not seeing and knowing many things that can only be seen and known through our intuitive and psychic powers.

How do we really know anything? Some of our knowing comes through scientific observation and deduction, yes, that’s true. But the reality of it is that if we were open and willing to see in intuitive and psychic ways, and able to do so all of the time, then we would not need science to teach us anything about anything, as we would just “know” and “see.” So, then the question becomes, why are we not able to do this? And why are we rejecting doing this? Why are we not believing in something that we have as a sixth sense? What happened to us that caused us to shut this ability down within us and not believe in it and call people crazy who believe in it?

Even those people who understand and believe in and use intuition and various psychic abilities have trouble with it, as they are not accurate with their perceptions all of the time, and this is getting worse over time to where now even the most powerful, best psychic people are only truly being really psychic let’s say 50% of the time, at best. What has caused their psychic abilities to become foggy and unreliable?

Let’s look at what fogs up and distorts intuitions: stress, fear, guilt, anger, judgment, bad eating habits, toxins in the environment, traumatic experiences, shocks, losses, false beliefs, societal conditioning, abuse, electromagnetic frequencies, radiation frequencies, inability to quiet the mind and meditate, focus on intellectual work and stuffing the emotions and feelings down into one’s cells, to name just a few of the causes. But a really big cause besides these listed causes is the focus on science and only believing in what you can know and research and see with your physical eyes and prove as true. We have been brainwashed by our educational system to focus too much on science.

What brought this to my mind was that I was listening to a metaphysical radio program recently where they were interviewing a guy who kept saying, well, I know people are seeing these things and thinking these things, and they are kind of bizarre, but I have to have scientific proof of these things and people who have no real proof shouldn’t be saying these things. And it was like he was trying to be open-minded saying well maybe they are right, but then he’d say I have no scientific proof that they are right and so I can’t be sure.

There comes a point where you really have to know how to intuit and have an inner knowing. You can’t just try to prove everything scientifically and with what is seen with your eyes. And science only takes us just so far. Science can show us the composition of plants and how they grow, but science cannot tell us how did the plants come to be here in the first place, who or what created them. Science can tell us our biology and physiology, but it cannot tell us the purpose of our living on earth and how we came into being in the first place.

There are certain experiences, beliefs and questions that do not fall into scientific analysis or proof. When you listen to a religious sermon, for instance, you are listening to that particular minister’s interpretations of his religion or religious book. If you listen to another minister, his or her interpretations might be very different. How can you know which minister is right? Intuition. Inner knowing. When you read a book of theories or beliefs, how can you know if the author is right or wrong, if this is beyond the realm of scientific proof? Intuition. Inner knowing.

Let’s say that there is actual proof, by the millions, over years of years of time, that people have observed and photographed space ships flying in our skies. Some people might not accept that as proof of anything and might think it’s some kind of hoax or mass mental illness. But of the people who consider these millions of observations of space ships to be scientifically proven, can they also know why these space ships are here and who is in them if anyone and what their intention is? There is no scientific way to know such things, unless, perhaps, you were to actually see a Martian stepping out of the space ship and he comes up to you and speaks to you in English about why he/they are here…but even then, you might assume that you have developed a serious mental illness and that you hallucinated or dreamed that whole experience, and certainly almost no one would believe you if you told them about this experience.

My point is that we can know some things through actual proof, but other things we cannot know except through intuition because there are things that cannot be “proven” by scientific or observational physical methods. That is why God gave us intuitive powers, as we were meant to use them, they are our sixth sense!

But the state of consciousness of most of humanity is such that we have been so abused, traumatized, lied to, shocked, scared and socialized into a false belief matrix societal system that we have lost much of our intuitive powers and we have also chosen not to be using our intuitive powers because we are so afraid of what we will see! It is fear that keeps us from intuiting, knowing and seeing, that drives us to have to back everything up with proof and science. We all have these emotions that we bury, and we live in our minds and intellects, and we keep the mind thought chatter constantly going all day long and we stay focused on work and television and radio and all kinds of activities all day long so that we don’t have to have a quiet mind and feel our emotions that are too scary to us, emotions that we don’t know how to process through and properly learn from and deal with. The psychologists cannot help us all that much because they have the same fears and stuffed emotions and focus on science. But bottom line is that we are terrified of what we might see if our intuitive psychic powers were fully turned on and operating!

We tend to run away from and stuff our negative emotions. We find all kinds of ways to do this. But instead of running to whatever your favorite distraction is that numbs or turns around those negative emotions, you would be better off to instead stop everything and meditate because meditation will bring you into channeling the truth that heals your emotions. All fear, guilt and anger is the result of some lie you were taught and that you believed. In a state of deep meditation, God’s truth comes into your mind and universal love begins to fill your heart and heal your body, and then those emotions fade because you see the truth that heals those emotions. When you meditate and see the truth enough times in your life, you begin to see that almost everything you were taught and believed in was just a lie, and then you start drifting away from the societal systems that were based on those untruths. You start to see the lies in everything, in the educational system, in the work system, in parenting methods, in religious dogmas, in society’s way of life, in eating habits, in just everything! This waking up can be terrifying at times because it can be so shocking.

And so, I come back to asking you, how do you really know or believe in anything? How do you know if something is true or false if it cannot be scientifically or physically seen and proven? It has to come down to an intuitive inner knowing, it has to. How do you know that God really exists? Because the Bible says so? Just because people who lived in Biblical times believed in this God, does that mean He really existed and still exists? Maybe the so-called spiritual experiences they had and their so-called talks with God were just hallucinations of mentally ill people. How do you know for sure? Because we have been so brainwashed to think scientifically about everything, this leads us into a skepticism that can even deny the existence of God. How do we know that God really exists if we cannot see God and prove His existence and powers scientifically? It comes down to 1) having experiences of God and His answers to prayers; and 2) inner knowing and intuition. Having the Bible helps, but it cannot satisfy the atheists and agnostics who only believe in what they can see and know scientifically.

How do I know that Jesus existed back then and still exists and helps people now and that he really has special healing powers and is a high-consciousness spirit? Because I can feel his presence in the room with me and because I just intuitively know.

How do I know if all of the Bible is true, or if Christians’ interpretations of the Bible are true? Intuition and inner knowing. But what many people do, and I ended up doing it, too, is they just accept Christianity’s basic interpretations of the Bible and accept that what is in the Bible is entirely true throughout. Why do they just accept something as true without questioning it? This is the exact opposite to the atheists’ reactions to the Bible.

Both those that do not question and those that question everything and don’t believe in any of it, they are both at extremes and are both misguided. The truth is usually somewhere in the middle.

I think that unless you have lived somewhere far away from modern society and have meditated daily all day every day for many many years, you are going to have trouble knowing and intuiting everything accurately all of the time. You are likely to have trouble knowing what parts of the Bible are true and what parts are being misinterpreted. You are going to have trouble discerning people’s true character. You are going to have trouble knowing what is true and what is false with anything and everything. You will be right about some things and wrong about other things. This is because humanity as a whole has been disempowered for a very long time now, for whatever reasons or causes I am not entirely certain. But it is the state of humanity at this time.

It seems to me to be utterly impossible to meditate enough hours of the day every day to be entirely in a state of inner knowing and intuition about everything. There are too many distractions, noises, daily activities, things to think about and focus on, emotions, false beliefs, and societal conditionings to be able to know everything all of the time without having to seek some sort of proof or without getting the proof through personal life experiences.

I think that we learn many things through life experiences, through trial and error, through our mistakes in choices and beliefs and through believing in our false intuitions and false perceptions. This is a slower way to learn the real truth, but trial and error through experiences does teach us more of what is really true and real and wise.

We can also benefit from other people’s lessons and experiences when they tell us what they have learned, like I do when I write these articles. But still, you must always be checking your own gut feelings, intuitions, and inner knowing with anything that you read or hear.

One thing that happens quite often, unfortunately, is that the writer or speaker is telling a lot of reality, a lot of real truth, but there is something in what they are saying that is not real truth, real reality, and this may be because they don’t know it is not true, or it may be a trickster dark force type who is interspersing truth with untruth to get you to believe in the untruths. This falls into that realm of believing in dogma which I spoke of in a previous article. A person or organization or religion says, we believe this, this and that, and we expect you to believe in all of this, that’s our dogma. Well, you have to be a free thinker and develop the ability to check with your inner knowing, intuitions and gut feelings on this dogma to see if you find anything that’s being taught in that dogma that is untrue or that you feel might be untrue, and then you must choose to not follow that leader/teacher, even if you believe 90% of what they teach. And do not donate to their cause if there is anything they are saying or doing that you don’t believe in 100% because if you donate into it and do not believe in absolutely all of it, this will negatively affect your prosperity flow because you are supporting a lie that’s being told, and it could be just one lie they are teaching that can really harm people or even the world!

So, my point of this article was to take you one step beyond my past article about beliefs and dogma into the realms of psychic ability, intuition, gut feelings and inner knowings, which are crucially important to your knowing and finding out the real truth about everything. When you learn more and more truth and reality this way, you will eventually get to the point where you no longer seek or need science and proof because you just know everything without it. At that point, you will most likely be leaving the educational system, churches, work systems, parenting methods, fears, guilts and angers, because you now know too much to believe in any of it anymore. You have woken up fully and then are ready to leave the societal matrix and live somewhere the way you know it is more natural, healing and wise to live, with those people who see what you see and know what you know, but not based on teachers and books, but instead based on inner seeing and inner knowing, and learned through the trial and error of life’s experiences and challenges.

It was emotional trauma that led us away from using and believing in our own intuitive powers. But we can heal that emotional trauma of the past and of the present by seeing more and more of the real truth about everything. This takes a lot of courage, and this path to truth may put us through a lot of shock and pain in and of itself, but yet it must be done because the real truth alleviates fear, guilt, anger, illness, challenges and sufferings. How is truth found, if our emotions are shutting down our abiity to see the real truth? We can meditate to find truth. We can learn from the trial and error of life experiences to find truth. We can use our intent to fine-hone and access our intuitive powers to create that ability to see. We can listen to teachers and practice finding what is true and what is false in what they say. We can keep an open mind. We can learn from others' growth and lessons.

Truth eventually leads you into total health, true freedom, inner peace, love and bliss, and your outer world matches your new inner world and then you are creating a Heaven on Earth scenario in your own life, and others you now know are doing the same, and it becomes a community; and then others are doing the same and connecting with their own soul groups crating their own lighted communities; and then it expands and expands. The darkness on this earth will hopefully eventually die out and then the whole world will become a peace and a Heaven on Earth, and humans will be back in their fullest power again. Individual ascension, group ascension, then world ascension. This is the goal.

Author's Bio: 

Zarla Leah is on an ascension path and she helps others to achieve various levels of ascension and enlightenment with what she herself has learned, experienced and put into practice. She has worked at various churches and centers as a minister and healer, and she has delved into metaphysics, science of mind, Christianity, and other faiths and practices; but she now is not associated with any particular religion as she finds the whole truth within her ascended true inner self and through prayer, meditation and channeling her ascended self. Her current ministry revolves around her writings, and she plans to write books in the future about ascension and enlightenment. She is also a mystical artist whose artwork honors all of life, nature, and the feminine aspects of the Godhead. Zarla has worked in many types of fields, with her last field being social work; however, she is moving past all of those fields within the matrix into a future lifestyle and work of helping ascended masters attain higher degrees of ascension, and into living a more healthy, natural lifestyle out in nature in spiritual community. As she herself grows, she shares with her readers her latest awarenesses and life changes. Zarla speaks of ascension without the flowery "ascension language" and without egotism and fake ascension claims. She speaks plainly and frankly so that everyone can understand. She has been through Hell on earth and back, and hopes to create Heaven in her life soon; and she also has the intent to help us all create a Heaven on Earth within our lifetime. Zarla can be reached via email at; feel free to comment and ask her questions; but please note that she will just delete any nasty hate mail or any types of spam.