A long time ago, when humanity was still young, a small group of people lived in either the southern or eastern part of Africa. Living amongst these peoples were a man, known to scientists today as Scientific Adam and a woman, known as Scientific Eve. It is now understood that each male living today is descended from Scientific Adam and every person living today carries the gene from Scientific Eve. Even though there were several people alive at that time, these two individuals became the parents of us all.

What fascinates me about this revelation is that the Book of Genesis actually holds some truth to it. There really were two people at the root of our existence. Unfortunately, time and bigotry has skewed the facts. I have never seen a depiction of Adam and Eve where they weren't white, living alone in a garden meant just for them. When the serpent tempted Eve, she broke the rules and ate from the forbidden tree. She convinced Adam to indulge in her succulent prize too and because of this, God punished them and they were forevermore banned from their Eden.

In the scientific version of the story, as the population grew, our ancestors needed to branch out in order to find new prospects for food. We travelled to the Middle East, Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas. It was through these migrations where our skin color and physical features began to change. In Africa, where it is hot, black pigmentation helps to protect the skin. As people moved up into colder climates, where sunshine was more scarce, it was imperative that this branch of our ancestry evolve. We need the important nutrients that the sun provides and the newly formed white skin helped to absorb the barely visible rays of light that were peering down from the sky. In essence, through time, because of their location, people began to look a bit different from one another.

However, even though our outward appearance may give us some clues into our more recent past, we still are all related. We are not simply energetically linked as quantum physicists have stipulated. We are not just linked at the Soul level. We can actually visibly see with our own eyes through test results that we are related on the physical level, as well. Since that is true, when we hurt each other, we are hurting our family. Exuding a bigoted attitude only harms that aspect in ourselves.

It is time to recognize that we are all brothers and sisters. Instead of promoting pain, we have an opportunity to offer compassion. When we recognize that each individual is our relation, we can then notice how they are a mirror for us in some way. If we become irritated by someone's behavior, allow the annoyance to take place as that is where we are in the moment. However, recognize how it feels in the body. Observe it from an objective place. Then breathe into the space and allow an undertanding of how that irritating aspect of that person reflects us. When we take these steps we can move into the space of forgiveness for the other person and forgiveness for ourselves for our reaction in the first place.

Remember that we are all One and we are all Divine. The rainbow of colors, shapes and sizes that we all display show off our common historical bonds. They are like a roadmap to our past and a representation of our present...and we are all beautiful.

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Thank you for reading and Namaste! (The Light in me recognizes the Light in you!)

**To learn more about the study done regarding Scientific Adam and Scientific Eve or if you would like to be a part of this study to find out your genetic links to the ancient past, please watch National Geographic's documentary The Human Family Tree.

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Lisa Tunney is a metaphysician
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