Nature only allows a maximum number of white blood cells in the Immune system; and this number must be maintained in order to be effective. A strong Immune System is not determined by how active the Immune System is; but by the amount of normal white blood cells present. The maximum number of white blood cells in the Immune System are required to standby as a defensive system against any foreign invaders. If the maximum number has not been reached, it was considered that the system is weak or too weak to fight off any antigens. In order to have a strong Immune System, the human body must have an efficient amount of biochemical energy(ATP) to produce the white blood cells.

The biochemical energy(ATP) is synthesized by the decomposition of glucose with the oxygen which we inhaled. Indeed, the more oxygen, the more energy can be generated. Thus, the more energy, the more white blood cells can be reproduced to replace the dead ones. Hence, the amount of oxygen inside the body has a great impact on the health of the Immune System as well as the whole body system.

It was well known that the 'abdominal breathing' method is the most efficient breathing method; it is the highest goal to be accomplished in Chi Kung. The abdominal breathing method has twenty times more air inhalation than regular breathing per minute. Thus it provides a maximum amount of oxygen for body consumption. Besides it maintains a strong Immune System, all the rest of the body systems are kept in homeostasis too.

The Immune System is maintained by the biochemical energy(ATP), in the mitochondria, generated by the decomposition of glucose with oxygen. In order to generate a large amount of ATP, a continuous ample supply of oxygen is required. One must learn to practice and go into abdominal breathing; and make it a habit even during regular breathing. Indeed, abdominal breathing, it is the highest goal to be accomplished in Chi Kung.

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James S. Lee is a practitioner of Tai Chi and Chi Kung for more than thirty years. Since Chi Kung has a great effect on the human body, he is searching for a possible scientific explanation of Chi Kung with Western science. He feels that the old Chinese concept about Chi Kung is very ambiguous. Therefore, there must be another way to explain it for a better understanding. Email: