The Scorpio Full Moon on May 5-6 emphasizes the need to dig deep and analyze our beliefs around money, security and the purpose of life. This is the second of five SuperMoons this year. Sun in Taurus implies that we are all part of the circle of life. Each soul has a vital role to play. Another cannot replace you. You are the gift.

♦ What is your life purpose?

♦ What are your talent and abilities?

♦ Are you making a living, or making a life?

The Scorpio Full Moon stresses truth and emotional truth. Scorpio rules what is hidden and at the core of an issue. All souls, structures and systems must recalibrate to a higher calling of Truth. We are entering the Age of Truth, the Age of Empowerment. Pluto, Scorpio’s ruling planet teaches us about power. How we use power. How we get power. How we own our power and/or how we give our power away.

♦ What empowers you?

♦ What is your Truth?

♦ What is your heart’s desire?

♦ What are you on fire for?

♦ What is your passion?

♦ What is holding you back?

♦ What action steps can you take today to empower yourself?

The Scorpio Full Moon is bringing to our conscious awareness the importance of balancing our male and female energy. This is why Prime Creator is sending the Goddess Love/Light energy to Earth. We are being recalibrated for fourth dimension. Creator is using the Full Moons, New Moons, Pluto and Uranus, eclipses, solstice, equinox and power dates such as, 5.5.12, 12.12.12 and 12.21.12. These are portals into the higher dimensions beaming intense Love/Light to Earth.

It is believed by many that there are a hundred dimensions to God Consciousness. For instance, Amebas are one-dimensional consciousness. Jellyfish are two-dimensional consciousness. Human beings have been stuck in third-dimensional consciousness since the fall of Atlantis. We have suffered for 13,000 years under the control of the Cabal and the Illuminati. The Cabal has an insane lust for war, greed, global domination and their occult economy*. We are freeing ourselves from this prison-matrix. In truth, we are ascending daily. Some folks are already in 5th, 6th, 9th, 12th, and higher dimensional consciousness. They are the lightworkers on the leading edge, ‘holding the space’ for humankind to awaken. The Light was winning from the beginning.

♠ What would you do if you had no limitation?

♠ What would you do if you had limitless resources?

♠ What would you create with your new freedom?

This is a magical and powerful Scorpio Full Moon. You are a powerful manifestor and creator. Stay out of fear. Be the magician! Use your power, your magic to create beauty and goodness. We are birthing a new paradigm one based on the power of love rather than the love of power. We are moving into fourth dimension. We are learning to create from our heart. Living from our heart, what we truly love and value. This will create Heaven on Earth.

Speaking of Love the Goddess of Love goes in reverse. Venus, Taurus and Libra’s ruling planet turns retrograde on May 15- June 27. This will empower us to reassess our goals, true values and our relationships. However, satisfaction may be delayed with Venus retrograde. Venus moving backward in Gemini is an excellent occasion for reconnecting with people and pleasures from our past. Venus retrograde is giving us the opportunity to dial out of the external programming from the television, the institutions, the family and the government. Instead, we can empower ourselves by going within and determining our own truth, our true values and our Self-worth. This is authentic power, when we live life from the inside out.

♦ What truly matters to you?

♦ What have you undervalued and/or overvalued?

♦ Are you in love or lust?

♦ Are you walking your talk?

♦ Are you owning your power or giving your power away?

Mercury the messenger enters Taurus on May 8 slowing our mind down and being more deliberate and careful in our communications. The Sun conjuncts Jupiter on May 13 inspiring us with positive uplifting, and empowering can do energy. Whatever you conceive and believe you can achieve. Empower yourself and then empower people.

This Scorpio Full Moon will be intense. The focus will be on our self-worth, resources and our core values. Taurus seeks comfort and acceptance for ourselves as we are; Scorpio seeks to reveal our vulnerabilities, unmet needs, desires and hidden resentment. We may feel it is impossible to avoid the intensity of our feelings at this powerful Scorpio Full Moon. Yet, a small amount of objectivity can make our feelings useful rather than destructive. Taurus reminds us of what we cherish. Scorpio shows us what we need to transform. We are in the process of a universal transformation.

The Scorpio Full Moon is revealing the hidden motivations, hidden agendas and important truths about the misuse of power and our resources worldwide. We are changing from short-term, shortsighted gains to long-term, life-enhancing goals. The power is with the individual. The power is with individuals coming together in groups— power teams. From the grass roots up, we are transforming the world from darkness into the Light. Remember that action speaks louder than suffering. Do what empowers you.

“When you try to justify where you are by pointing out how bad things are, you are headed in the wrong direction. Reach for the thought that feels better, And allow the natural Well-Being that is yours.” — Abraham

Love and Peace,

Kelley Rosano

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Kelley Rosano is an authority on astrology, coaching and spirituality. Kelley offers empowering, inspiring and uplifting Astrological Coaching. Knowing your personal astrology can give you the edge needed to be triumphant in life, relationships, spiritual life-path, finances and in business. Kelley Rosano uses relationship Astrology gives you the inside scoop on the true nature of our relationships–romantic, personal, family and business.