There's no doubt about the intensity that follows a Scorpio woman --- she is all oozing with sex appeal and so much more. That's why getting involved with her will definitely drive you to the edge --- it's all passion and obsession. The excitement never ceases and it's all good. However, Scorpio women can be very bitter and spiteful as well. Hurt her once and she'll never forget it for the rest of her life. For her, it's hard to forgive and forget and they tend to be jealous and possessive of the people she loves. Lovemaking is a whole new different story --- you can never know the meaning of intensity and sex until you do it with a Scorpion. So enough of this foreplay --- below are a few tricks on how to tempt her wildly to you:

* Show passion and dedication. For a Scorpio woman, there is no such thing as being somewhere in between --- you're either down there or up there. Black or white. Night or day. You need to take sides and show passion and dedication to the things you believe in. You're either into her, or not. So skip sending mixed signals.

* Never ever lie to her. Once she catches you in one, you're going to regret it believe me. There is no need for explanations, she will cut you short right there and then. She is very hurtful and might even consider vengeance. She can never forget a slight or an offense and forgiving is next to impossible.

* Give in to impulses once in a while. Scorpions are known for their intensity and passion --- they have an abundant source of energy in them that keeps them going and going --- so don't take it as a wrongdoing when your Scorpio shows unpredictability and recklessness in judgment --- she's simply following her feelings.

* Make intense love. Sex with a Scorpio is far from typical --- making love is their way of showing how much you mean to them and how much they love you. She may not downrightly tell you to your face that she cares for you but she will definitely show it through wild lovemaking --- it sure is going to be one wild and unforgettable experience.

* Be open to change. Transformation is a very important factor in a Scorpion's life. They love change and hate routine most of all. Expect them to succeed in almost any field they enter (as long as they're interested in it) --- that's why you must think of something else more than your usual dinner for two every weekend or the ritual DVD night every night --- embrace change and you will never be lonely again.

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