If something is a good idea, consider it, and then work out how to make it happen. No fear approach to life.

Richard is an opportunist who has been able to amass great wealth as a result of his passion and drive. Often referred to by his staff as “Dr Yes” Richard do not acknowledge the word “Can't” as he is always eager to attempt and experiment with new stuff. His philosophy of taking on new challenges head on has led him to the successes beyond his own initial dreams.

Rules have never been a hindrance to Richard, who has never allowed rules to stop him. He is always ready to embrace new adventures and is unwilling to give up even when things are not going to plan.

People were quick to assume that things won’t work out for him when he started his first business venture “Student”. Undermining his young age and little or no experience at that time, he didn’t allow the opinions of people to stop him.

He believed in his dream and went out to interview celebrities that were highly sought by other more famous and established magazines. Against all odds, with passion and the “Do it” spirit, he eventually made his way to the top.

Making use of that same passion and zeal, His Company, Virgin Airlines has attained a worldwide reputation.

One of the astonishing and inspiring features about Richard is the fact that he is not afraid of rejection either in his business or personal life.

In the book ‘Screw it, Let’s do it,’ he wrote on how he was able to purchase Necker Island after his initial offer was rejected. When he learnt that the island was up for sale, he wasn’t put off by the asking price of £3 million and he quoted £150,000 for it. When he was eventually called to pay £180,000 for it, he didn’t have the cash, but nevertheless raised the fund by borrowing from his family.

Also, when the shares of Virgin groups began to fall rapidly after it has gone public, Richard bought off all the shares himself and paid all the people who have purchased the shares. He wasn’t afraid to take all the risk on himself and in the process made the company private again.

Richard Branson believes that somebody should do everything needed to succeed in life.

He is of the opinion that people must act on fantastic ideas that they have got. A lot of people have acted on their dreams and even with limited resources have founded their own companies.

People with the ‘Do It’ passion and zeal do not let their circumstances stop them, nor discourage them from achieving their dreams. The internet has opened new opportunities for people to strive and achieve success even with little or no resources. Nevertheless, anybody who is determined to make it must never say ’Can’t.’ Fear is the number one enemy of anyone who wish to attain success in life.

Having fun while working according to Richard Branson, is another very important factor in a job. Working on a job that you don’t like will make you miserable and it will definitely reflect on your performance also.

Whatever, you aspire to be, go right ahead and pursue that dream rather than working on a job that gives you neither satisfaction nor fulfillment.

Nevertheless, if it becomes imperative to work on a job that you have no passion for, ensure you separate your work from your private life so as to ensure that you do not allow the negative experiences of your job to begin to affect your personal life.

Always try to be positive and look at the bright and positive things about life rather than moaning and complaining continuously about the things that are not working out. Most importantly, whatever you do, always ensure to have fun.

Richard has become very popular, mostly because he is a billionaire; however, it’s worth realizing that he didn’t become a billionaire by chance. His zeal, passion and business acumen made him what he is today. While Richard has admitted that he has been very lucky in many circumstances in life, his successes have been predominantly as a result of hard work and tenacity.

Richard Branson life has proven that for one to be successful in life and business he must not only have big dream, he must also be ready to act on his dream and go all-out fearlessly to achieve his goals and objectives.

You must never allow fear to deter you from your dreams, but instead, you must be ready to face your fears head-on and do whatsoever it takes to fulfill your dreams and live the life that you crave.

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