Scripting your day means taking a few minutes each morning to check in with what is up for you, then imagining the day ahead of you, and consciously describing how you want to experience it. It activates the day you describe at a cellular level.
When you script your day you are partnering with Spirit, describing to Spirit what you want, and then allowing Spirit to bring that into your day, in very tangible, identifiable ways. You amplify your connection with Spirit and deepen your trust that Spirit is indeed a partner in even the mundane everyday details of your life.

Scripting step-by-step

1. Connect to Spirit in whatever way feels best for you.

2. Identify what is up for you today. How are you feeling? What is bothering you? What do you need help on? What is on your mind right now? For example, maybe you’re feeling a sense of overwhelm or urgency around a specific issue or issues, or you’re afraid you won’t be able to understand “techie” stuff, or you’re anxious about a meeting, or you’re concerned about how tight the money is right now, or you’re worried you’re not helping your spouse the way you should; just identify whatever is there.

3. Script what you want to experience in your day around the things you’ve just identified. Other things may come up as you script and that’s fine too; just include them in the scripting as you are led. Script what you’d like to experience and the feelings you want to have as you experience them. Imagine what you’re scripting, as you script it; this activates it in you and sets it up to occur.

4. Go about your day with your senses wide open for signs of what you scripted actually showing up.
Script every day and watch the energy shift from one day to the next. You can also move issues that bring up negative feelings to a more general script like: “I allow myself to be a magnet for money. I allow myself to feel more peace about finances. I had a great meeting with ‘J’ and everything worked out so well. She felt happy.”

5. You will use different words depending where you are on the vibrational scale, and you will see the words changing as your vibration changes. You may start out with a vibration like: “Today I want to feel less worried.” Then you will find the words amping up to what you want and are reflecting that you are feeling happier as the days go by. You keep moving up the vibrational scale. This is an indication that the vibrational shift is happening.

Benefits of scripting

1. You are actively developing your partnership with Spirit when you script.

2. Scripting helps you show up in your day with a clear, defined vibrational output that can attract (is aligned with) the experiences you want to have.

3. Scripting leverages your time and energy. You are telepathically connecting with people, circumstances and situations that can be a match to how you want to be and feel. You are thinking a new thought, feeling a new thought and seeing a new way of being when you are scripting it.

4. Scripting re-­?patterns neural pathways. You are thinking about things in the way you want to experience them, rather than in ways you don’t.

5. Scripting shifts feelings, and feelings affect how we experience and relate to our world. When you feel better, you notice more of the positive things in your experience.

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