Sea moss helps to promote overall health and wellness

Sea moss, which is also known as Irish moss, is a potent superfood that is filled with a variety of minerals and nutrients. Sea moss is loaded with antiviral, antimicrobial, as well as anti-inflammatory agents that can aid your body’s overall health and wellness. It can aid your body, potentially helping it perform at optimal levels.
Understand the different benefits and side effects of sea moss

Doing further research is recommended, as with any type of supplement, before you start taking sea moss on a regular basis. It’s important to understand the different benefits and side effects of ingesting sea moss. If you do notice any unusual/abnormal symptoms, talk with your physician, especially if you take prescribed medication.

Within the U.S. many people have never even heard about, much less drink sea moss smoothies on a regular basis. But in other countries such as Jamaica, Ireland, as well as Spain, they have been utilizing the benefits of sea moss for decades.

Listed below are some of the health benefits of adding sea moss to your daily regimen. It’s always good to experiment with different sea moss smoothie recipes. Find out what tastes good to you! (I do the same with my fruit smoothies…) Someone who has an excellent workout/wellness program turned me on to sea moss, and I’m going to work on some smoothie recipes starting this weekend. I’ll write more about what I come up with, as well as just my general experience in an upcoming post.

Sea moss is noted as having a light, salty flavor. Given these qualities, some who take it regularly say it mixes best with sweeter, creamy type ingredients such as coconut milk, cinnamon, vanilla, as well as almond milk. I’m looking forward to seeing what it is all about!

Sea moss is great for gut health

Given that sea moss has a thick, rich texture, it has qualities that aid in soothing the mucus membranes within the digestive tract. It acts as a “coating” in the gut and helps to protect these membranes from diseases/conditions such as ulcers.

There are studies that also suggest sea moss provides some prebiotic benefits during the digestion process. These benefits include functions such as helping to remove bad gut bacteria, giving a boost to gut immunity, as well as stimulating the production of short-chain fatty acid.

Also, sea moss is packed with dietary fiber. It is important to ingest enough of these fibers every day so you can flush out harmful chemicals and toxins within your digestive system.

Great with aiding thyroid health

Having a thyroid hormone imbalance can often lead to extreme weight gain/loss, fatigue, fertility issues, as well as frequent muscle pain. Sea moss has benefits in adding thyroid health as well. One study showed that sea moss might be effective in helping to speed up thyroid treatment among African women.

Eating/drinking sea moss smoothies is great way to support thyroid health because it has a high iodine content. Iodine a mineral that helps to stimulate the production of thyroid hormones.

Helps keep respiratory system clear

If you are suffering from blocked sinuses, sea moss can potentially help to clear your respiratory or lymphatic system as well.

The high contents of chloride, potassium chloride, chlorophyll, and also omega-3 fatty acids make sea moss an excellent decongestant. It also contains antimicrobial as well as anti-inflammation properties that can help ease swelling within the nasal cavity and help to dissolve mucus.
Because of its general ability to aid/boost the immune system, it can be good to help against the flu, common cold, as well as various allergens.

Helps to improve overall mood

An important mineral that supports mental and emotional health is potassium. It is commonly known that potassium deficiency can lead to confusion, fatigue, anxiety, nervousness, or even depression.
Given that the body doesn’t store potassium for extended periods of time, it needs to be replenished regularly. An excellent way you can do this is by drinking a daily sea moss smoothie.

Sea moss contains about two times the amount of potassium than an average-sized banana as well as about half the calories. If your goal is to boost your mineral consumption while maintaining weight/weight loss goals, sea moss is a great alternative source for potassium.

It can help with libido and sexual performance

As for its natural aphrodisiac properties, Caribbean natives have been using sea moss for years now. Given its high zinc content, it aids the body with the production of more sex hormones, which obviously play a crucial role in boosting your libido levels.

Iron, which can help increase endurance, is also found in sea moss. It can aid with the production and distribution of hemoglobin, which can increase the oxygen flowing throughout your bloodstream.

As you can see, sea moss has a lot of qualities that are beneficial for our overall health and wellness. Given the number of benefits and lack of empty calories, a daily sea moss smoothie may be worth looking into.

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